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I don't think you can. You can get Max Items with an Action Replay.

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Q: How do you duplicate items in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?
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How do you duplicate items and Pokemon in Pokemon Pearl?

you cant really do it. it just messes up your game

Where do you get stored items in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

Item BoxesYou can't store items in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. The Item boxes were only for the older games. Now, to store items, you can just give the items to Pokemon stored in the PC.

How do you duplicate Pokemon and items on pearl?

This is not possible without Action Replay. There is a code that can duplicate Items and Pokemon, but if you mess up on one of the steps, then your game might either freeze or turn off. So overall, it's very risky.

How to duplicate items in Pokemon FireRed?

You Cannot.

Pokemon diamond all items cheat?

Use action replay or keep making new game on pearl and transfering items.

What good items can you trade underground in Pokemon diamond?

pale spheres there rare in pkmn diamond not so much pearl if you are trading a pale sphere from pearl the best thing is a prisim sphere its rare in pearl and common in diamond

Can you duplicate items in Pokemon XD gale of darkness?


How do you duplicate items?

you can. it's just the same as duplicating a Pokemon, but make sure your Pokemon is holding the item you want to duplicate. =)

How do you multiply items or Pokemon on diamond or pearl?

To multiply items on Pokemon Diamond/Pearl, you need the action replay. Unfortunately, if you have the DSi, the action replay won't work. It only works for the DS. If you want to 'multiply' Pokemon, breed them by leaving a male and female Pokemon in Solocean Town Daycare Center. Possibly, they could lay an egg!

Is there a short AR code to get all items in bag including key items in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

Yes. look it up plz i had it once

Can you trade items on Pokemon Diamond?

if there attached to Pokemon

On Pokemon LeafGreen where is pal park?

It isn't in Pokemon leafgreen. It is only in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum. I suggest actually knowing where items and buildings are and knowing which games they are in...:P

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