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How do you duplicate items on Pokemon Emerald?

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All you have to do is get the item(s) and you can choose however many you want as long as you have the Pokemon in your box to do it. You can choose however many types as well. Give the item(s) to your Pokemon in the box you chose (doesn't matter which box). Then exit out and save. After you save, go back to the box and withdraw the items you gave. then exit and talk to the lady nearest to you, she should be a multi link battle room helper. Accept the challenge. Choose the option open level. Pick 2 Pokemon (doesn't matter which ones). She asks if you want to save the game before playing, say yes. There will be a short pause. Next you will see your save screen. Turn off the system. Turn it back on and check your bag and PC

To Clone Pokemon with an item, give the item to the Pokemon you wish to clone. Got to the battle tower and go to the PC. save in front of it, then deposit the Pokemon wherever you wish. Exit off the computer, then save... ... done. withdraw the pkmon and go to the lady nearest you with the blue hair and pink dress. the last one to the right that does the link challenge. talk to her, and challenge choose any 2 Pokemon you want ( doesn't matter) and she says that she's gonna save, say yes, then when she asks you to save (where your name is displayed and the time you spent playing is displayed, press yes one more time,, and she should say there is already a saved file, then turn the power off, then on. check your bag and PC!

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How do you duplicate items in Pokemon Emerald?

You can't duplicate items unless you use a gameshark

Can you duplicate Pokemon on Emerald more than once?

Yes, you can duplicate Pokemon on Emerald more than once.

Duplicate items in pokemon?

You can't duplicate items in Pokemon. Only if you have the Action Replay or GameShark, then you can.

What items can't you clone in Emerald?

Unduplicatable ItemsThe only Items you can't duplicate in Emerald are Mails, because you can't store a Pokemon holding Mail into a PC. You can't clone any Key Items either.

How do you duplicate rare candies without beating the four on emerald?

U cant unless u beat the 4 people and then u can duplicate Pokemon and certain items

How does one duplicate Sacred Ash in Pokemon Emerald?


How do you duplicate Pokemon in Pokemon platimum?

Im sorry you can't duplicate Pokemon in Pokemon platinum. You can duplicate Pokemon in diamond/Pearl or emerald the trade or migrate them to platinum though.

How do you duplicate rare candy on emerald?

How to duplicate rare candies in Pokemon Ruby

How do you duplicate rare candies on Pokemon diamond without using an action replay code?

You cannot clone Pokemon and items on diamond and pearl and platinum, but you can in emerald!

How do you duplicate items on Pokemon sapphire?

there are alot of websites on the internet that say you can but unfortunately that option is only available in pokémon emerald sorry

How do you duplicate Pokemon in LeafGreen?

Sadly, you can't. Only in Pokemon Emerald.

Can you duplicate rare candys in emerald?

the answer is yes -if you know how to duplicate Pokemon then you can do it -if not i can not tell you how to dupolicate Pokemon because i forhet how

How to duplicate items in Pokemon FireRed?

You Cannot.

How do you duplicate your PokΓ©mon in PokΓ©mon ruby?

you can't duplicate Pokemon in ruby, but you can in emerald, by using the battle frontier.

Can you duplicate items in Pokemon XD gale of darkness?


Can you duplicate items or Pokemon's in Pokemon fire red?


How do you duplicate items in pokemon soulsilver?

Don't think you can

How do you duplicate a rare candy in pokemon emerald?

find another one

How do you duplicate items?

you can. it's just the same as duplicating a Pokemon, but make sure your Pokemon is holding the item you want to duplicate. =)

How do you breed items on Pokemon Emerald?

You can only breed pokemon, not items. Items aren't alive!

How do you duplicate rare candy in emerald?

I'm afraid it's not possible, unlike Pokemon Silver/Gold where you could turn the gameboy on and off when depositing a Pokemon holding rare candy to duplicate, this does not work in Emerald.

How do you duplicate Pokemon in Pokemon Sapphire Version for the Game Boy Advance SP?

Well, in my opinion, you can duplicate Pokemon only in Pokemon emerald. I tried the duplicate trick on Pokemon ruby but it didn't work. If you want to duplicate Pokemon in emerald you have to go to the battle tower, save in front of the p.c, deposit the pokemons you want to duplicate, save again,withdraw the Pokemon you deposited,talk to the lady at the counter she will make you save as soon as it says"saving do not turn of the power" turn it off right away. vola!!!!!!!!!!

How do you duplicate an item in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You cant do it in leaf green, only in Emerald....

How do you duplicate items in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

I don't think you can. You can get Max Items with an Action Replay.

Pokemon emerald how do you duplicate money?

search on or something search on or something