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at the main menu go to utility than cheats and click add new than in the top box type or copy and paste9223b5fa 00002101

1223b5fa 00002100

d2000000 00000000

and in the box below type Action Replay

if you don't put the capitals in it won't work by the way and there should be 2 circles you can click

click the one on the right that says action replay dsor something like that

and click ok

now double click the the cheat until in the box besides the cheat you can see a tick

now you've done that you can play the game but in the game press L+R

and you will find 999 rare cadies in the medicine part of the bag

Hope i helped and good luck with the rest of the game

Alternatively, in Red or Blue, perform the Missingno. glitch with a Rare Candy in your sixth inventory slot. You will then have 128 Rare Candies.

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Q: How do you duplicate rare candy in Pokemon?
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How do you duplicate rare candy on emerald?

How to duplicate rare candies in Pokemon Ruby

How do you duplicate rare candy with breeding Pokemon in fire red?

Give a rare candy to a random breeding pokemon

How can you duplicate rare candy in Pokemon emerald version?

use the Pokemon cloning glitch and have the cloned Pokemon hold the rare candy.

How do you duplicate a rare candy in pokemon emerald?

find another one

How do you duplicate rare candy in emerald?

I'm afraid it's not possible, unlike Pokemon Silver/Gold where you could turn the gameboy on and off when depositing a Pokemon holding rare candy to duplicate, this does not work in Emerald.

How do you duplicate rare candies in Pokemon emerald version?

use the cloning glitch and have the cloned Pokemon hold the rare candy

How do you duplicate your rare candy in Pokemon FireRed?

you cant without game shark.

How do i duplicate my rare candy in diamond?

You can duplicate rare candy but i forgot the code but i can give anyone the code to get 999 rare candies

How do you duplicate rare candy in Pokemon heartgold?

you cant. you only can in emerald, sappire, and ruby

How do you duplicate rare candy in Pokemon LeafGreen Pokemon?

Using the action replay, if you don't have one, go to

How do you duplicate rare candy in Pokemon Black 2?

I'm pretty sure you can just talk to a breeder in Nimbasa City Beat Her Get a Rare Candy Exiting Going Back in Beat Her get a Rare Candy On and On hi cutie

How can you train Pokemons easy way in Pokemon?

If you know how to duplicate Pokemon then put rare candies on them when you're about to duplicate. After take the rare candies away and keep doing that method until you got a lot of them (about 100 to 300 should be fine) then use the Rare Candy on the Pokemon you want to raise

How to get rare candy without ar in pearl?

the only way i know is to get Pokemon emerald and duplicate Pokemon holding rare candies(go to youtube to find out how)and migrate them to your game

Can you duplicate rare Pokemon with a Ditto on Pokemon pearl?

its is super RARE

How do you do the rare candy duplication trick?

you get a leaf green or fire red,after you get mewtwo,you gain access to a cloning machine.make a pidgey hold a rare candy, duplicate it, take the rare candy, realease pidgey,repeat as with nuggets,masterballs,and ledgendary pokemon.

What is the rare candy cheat codes for shiny gold?

you don't know its easy go to the computer and save then give your all rare candys on a Pokemon duplicate that Pokemon then do the duplication trick then look in your box there should be the Pokemon that you gave the rare candys to and you still have rare candys.hoped i helped gb3000 now can u improvise my answer to get a rare candy gameshark code pls

Rare Candy Pokemon Pearl?

Yes there is rare candy in pearl

What is the rare candy cheat for Pokemon Yellow?

Go to Cinnabar island, then go inside the lab and do a trade. After that, make sure rare candy is 7th on your item list, and walk up and down the shoreline, when u battle a Pokemon, use it and kill the Pokemon and it will duplicate. It might not work anymore though.:(

Can you duplicate rare candys in emerald?

the answer is yes -if you know how to duplicate Pokemon then you can do it -if not i can not tell you how to dupolicate Pokemon because i forhet how

How do you get Rare Candy on Pokemon firered?

you find rare candy in the random pokeballs

Pokemon Yellow rare candy?

You can get rare candies in pokemon yellow

Where can you buy rarecandy?

you cannot buy rare candy but in the gameboy color cheats you can duplicate the number of rare candy to infinity.(refer to game sites)

How do you level up faster on Pokemon emerald?

You can make a pokemon eat a rare candy and the pokemon will automatically level up, that is if you have a rare candy.

How do you duplicate rare candy sapphireruby?

Answer "how to duplicate rare candies"( you do not need gameshark to do this, I HAVE DUPLICATED RARE CANDIES BEFORE, i have 50) so you need to have beaten the elite four so you have acces to the battle frontier ( your dad gives you the boat ticket to go to the battle frontier ). Once you are at the battle frontier go to the battle tower, then give the rare candy you want to duplicate to any Pokemon in your team. Go to your PC, deposit the Pokemon holding the rare candie you want to clone in a EMPTY BOX ( the Pokemon holding the rare candy will be duplicated with the rare candy!!! cool huh ) then exit the PC. save the game right after you exit the PC. then once you have saved go in the PC, withdraw the Pokemon holding the rare candy that you want to duplicate from the empty box. exit the PC and go to the lady and talk to her, do lv50 then when she askes you "there is already a saved file would you like to save the game?" don't say yes or no just turn the game off. go back on, you will be in front of the lady look in your party you will have the Pokemon with the rare candy in your party, then go to the PC and look, you will see the same Pokemon with same item in your empty PC box and in your party ( it is in your PC and your party so it has been duplicated succesfully!!!!!! )IT WORKED FOR ME ( i have 50 rare candies and 50 groudons!!!! )if it did not work for you read the instructions again VERY CAREFULLY and try again!!!have fun duplicating!!!!

Where are the rare candies in Pokemon platinum?

You can find a rare candy in wayward cave! I already found the rare candy there!