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How do you duplicate rare candy in Pokemon Red?

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January 04, 2009 11:56AM

You can. When you enter the game fly to viridian city and talk to the old man who shows you how to catch pokemon, when he asks if you are in a hurry say no, after he shows how to catch pokemon, fly directly to cinnabar islands. Face the poke center but do not go in instead go right till you get to the coast, there you can surf on half land, half water. keep surfing on that same strip until you come across missingno. when you come across missingno. run or fight but dont capture it. Then when you go back onto land and look at your items the 6th item down on the list will be duplicated, if you want rare candy duplicated you must put as the 6th item before you fight missingno. or it will not be duplicated. It will not be duplicated just once so you dont have to do it again and again but soon you will run out, when you do leave just one left and do it again. You will no if it has worked because there will be a wierd sign next to it. Thanks to this little cheat, i have managed to get all the legendary birds, mewto and alot more and they are all level one hundred.