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One way is to get a job at a Golf course working under a class A pro. Then you can become an apprentice and you are on your way. After proving your playing ability and course and pro shop knowledge, you too can become a class A pro. It takes about 3 years. Another way is try to get your PGA tour card. That's 6 days of tough golf for only a few spots. You have to be a player. Remember there are two types of golf pro's.... You have professional golfers (they play for a living) then there's golf professionals (they work at a golf course) The first ones generelly don't know anything about the day to day operation of a golf course.

The most straitforward was is to pay the $4000 entry fee for the "Qualifying" school. There are 3 stages: 1st stage is 4 rounds and the top 10% get to 2nd stage, and then the top few get to the final stage which is 6 long rounds. The top 25 finishers there get their card. Another way to get a Tour card is to play on the Nationwide Tour and win 3 events in a season or finish in the top 15 on that money list.

To keep your tour card, the top 125 ranked players on the "Official Money List" are exempt for the following year. Also, if you win a tournament, you are exempt for the following year. As of this writing, the 125th player has just over $740,000 in winnings.

Q-school is now $5000 or $4500 if paid before a certain date. There is also an additional stage that has been added called the pre qualifier which is 4 rounds. players that don't meet any of the qualifications to get into 1st stage play in the pre qualifier. The entry fee is reduced ($2500) with an additional $2500 due after a player advances to stage #1. In 2006 there were 4 sites used for this stage. I played at PGA West and 40 players were advanced from this site a little less than half the field. has any Q-School info you may need or call PGA tour headquarters competition department for any additional info.

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Q: How do you earn a PGA tour card?
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How many players from the Nationwide Tour earned their PGA Tour Card in 2005?

The top 25 players earn a pga card.

How old was the oldest player to earn a PGA tour card?


How can you earn a tour card for free?

* Get sponsors exemptions and finish in the top 125 of the PGA Tour money list, * Go to q-school, get to final qualifying and earn your card, * Join the Nationwide Tour and finish in the top 25 for the season * Win a PGA Tour event

Who has a 2012 PGA Tour Card?

Not me.

At what age did tiger get his PGA tour card?

Once he won his first PGA Tour event in 1996 he got a two year PGA Tour exemption.

How do you keep a PGA tour card?

A tour pro keeps his card if he places in the top 125 money-winners on the PGA Tour. Winning a Tour event is equal to two-year tour card, winning a major championship provides a five-year tour card, and golfers with 20 or more wins on the Tour receive a lifetime tour card.

How do you keep a PGA European Tour card?

Earn Enough money to stay in the top 115 in the race to dubai, from competing in tournaments.

What score must you earn to qualify for a PGA card?

Doesn't it depend on the indiviual score relative to those playing in the tour qualifying rounds?

How many golfers worldwide have their PGA card?

There are currently 287 active players on the PGA Tour that have their tour card. There are also countless thousands of club professionals around the country.

How do you earn a PGA teaching card?

you need to go to Q school and get the card

Do you earn money if you miss the cut in a PGA tour event?

Heck Yes!!!!!!

What does it cost for professional golf card?

You can't buy a professional golf card, you have to earn it by placing successfully well in golf programs just below the PGA Tour. If you are already a PGA golfer, then you keep your card by making sure you're placing well enough year round.

How is nationwide tour different from PGA tour?

National Insurance sponsored the championship, which was renamed as Nationwide Tours in 2003, it was originally called tours. The tours is the developmental tour for the U.S.-based PGA tour, and features professional golfers who have either failed to score well enough at that level's qualifying school (the main tours qualifying tournament, popularly referred as Q-school) to earn their PGA tour card.

Is Tiger Woods the only PGA golfer that did not have to go to Q school?

No, plenty have players have got a tour card without going to Q School, Rory McIlroy for example, he won a European Tour card from finishing high enough up the money list in tournaments he received exemptions in, them qualified for a PGA tour card from his world rank. Some players play a year on the Nationwide tour in an attempt to finish in the top 25 and win a PGA Tour card.

What tour in golf is after the pga tour?

The Nationwide Tour would be the tour before the PGA Tour, the top 25 on the Nationwide tour at the end of the season win PGA Tour cards.

When was PGA Tour created?

PGA Tour was created in 1968.

Why was Tiger Woods allowed to turn pro with out a PGA Tour card?

You don't need a tour card to turn pro. He simply earned his after he turned pro.

How many tournaments must a pro enter to keep his pga tour card?


What does a PGA Tour card look like?

The PGA Tour card - "What is it?"The "PGA Tour card" is a small business-size card with their name, basic info, and year. Here is a picture of Casey Martin with his: actual card is only a symbol of the playing priveledges earned by the player. It is not necessary to present the card to play in an event, the PGA organizers have all the information on site as to who is eligible to enter or attempt to qualify. All players must present two forms of ID upon registration, at least one with photo, not matter how recognizable a player is. The PGA Tour card can be used for one of these IDs, and commonly is along with the players' drivers' license or passport.ANSWER:It's just like a small card that looks like atm card or credit card..

What is a PGA card?

I think you are combining two concepts. You can join the PGA by being a professional in the golf community. This can be a playing pro, teaching pro, club pro, etc. The PGA has a long list of types of pros and PGA members. A "Tour Card", what you typically here about for Q school, or "keeping their card" is a level of exemption for playing on the PGA Tour. Not all PGA professionals are qualified to play on Tour (in fact, most aren't). To keep your card, a big requirement is to place in the top 150 on the money list (I think). You can earn your tour card by placing high enough in Q School, top 25 on the Nationwide money list, etc. You can get exemptions into tournaments based on your play, too. It's complicated to cover all the ways to get to play on tour. I think if you win the Masters, you get an exemption to play in it for the next 10 years as one example. You can play as a pro without joining the PGA. You just declare "pro" in an open tournament. Go out on Monday and qualify. Make it to Thursday. make the cut. Make some money!

What is a partial tour card?

When a player earns conditional status on the PGA Tour, they are able to play in all Nationwide Tour events and PGA Tour events which have larger fields or the ones where the top players do not play in. They can usually play the fall series events.

How do you get a PGA card?

Either go to Q School, graduate through the Nationwide Tour or get sponsors exemptions and earn enough money to finish in the top 125 and be given a card. Or win an event, which gives you a two year exemption.

When did the PGA European Tour start?

The PGA European Tour started in 1984.

Which sport is associated with the PGA Tour?

The PGA Tour is associated with the sport of golf.

When was PGA European Tour created?

PGA European Tour was created in 1972.