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How do you earn money in Animal Crossing?


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November 24, 2012 2:14AM

There are lots of ways to earn money, pretty much just go to tom nook and sell what ever you don't want, he will take anything you have even fruit and worthless stuff. one of the easy ways is to go around your town and gather all the fruit you can carry, make sure your inventory is empty and each fruit sells for $100 a full bag is worth $1500. if you get foreign fruit its worth $500 and a full bag is work $7500. another good way is on the first Sunday of every month there is a flea market, just put the stuff you want to sell in your house and an animal will come and buy it for 3 times what nook would buy it for, this is vary use full with fossils, if you have a torso it can be sold for around $10000, and is VARY useful with fish that cost $1500 at nook's, it will sell for $30000 in a flea market. if you want to get free items, you can get them from some animals that give you items just for talking to them, or look in the inside bumper at town hall there could be something there, or look in the lost and found by the gate guards but its usually junk there. there are also cheats, but i don't know how to explain them, only because i don't know them off the top of my head, but im sure if you look up ACWW money cheats you will find them. i hope this helps ^_^