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How do you ease cracking joints?

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My sister-in-law has this problem with the right side of her neck. She sees a specialist who works with stretching the whole body, muscle electrical impulses and acupuncture and it's working.

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How do expansion joints in a sidewalk keep the concrete from cracking?

Expansion joints allow the concrete to expand and contract with temperature changes which prevents it from cracking.

Is cracking joints bad?

no... simply because your not actually cracking bone... just popping air bubbles in between the joints that form from stress and tension

Does cracking your knuckles push air out of the joint?

Cracking your knuckles releases the nitrogen from in between your joints.

Can finger cracking be good for your bones?

Cracking your finger joints does not improve your bone, but neither does it harm the bone.

After cracking knuckles what does it do to your hands?

Cracking your knuckles is just releasing the nitrogen in between your joints. Cracking your knuckles can cause you to crack them more often. Your knuckles may become larger from cracking them.

Can you get arthrites from cracking your knuckles?

no. the cracking u hear is actually the nitrogen bubbles in your joints popping. its not when the bones in your knuckles are grinding together ~answeringchampion!

What happens when you keep on cracking your back?

Probably nothing. Knuckle cracking (which is similar) has been studied and there is no proof that it damages the joints over time.

Is cracking your tongue heathly?

You do not have joints in your tongue so you cannot crack or pop it

Why do bridges need expansion joints?

So when the temperature rises the expansion joints prevent the bridge from buckling, cracking, bending or curling.

What caused the cracking sound of the ankle joint after the sport activities?

Normal cracking of joints which we probably all suffer from, or can induce, is apparently caused b ythe moving of some kind of gas in the joints/cartilidge- Incredible? Perhaps this is the answer.

What really happens when you crack your knuckles?

Cracking your knuckles releases a gas that naturally forms in your joints. Cracking them isn't bad for you unless it causes pain.

Can cracking your fingers affect your martial arts?

No, it will not affect your martial arts. There have been no proven studies that cracking joints will have any long term affects.

What has the author Brian A Graville written?

Brian A. Graville has written: 'The principles of cold cracking control in welds' -- subject(s): Cracking, Welded joints

Is cracking your knuckles healthy?

Well, yes. It can loosen up your joints and make things easier to do.

When you crack your knuckles or neck what is it that cracks?

Your joints are releasing the synovial fluid and makes a cracking noise.

What will happen if you keep cracking your knuckles?

Cracking your knuckles is a way of releasing air from between your joints that really needs to be released, But doing this as a habit can cause arthritis When your joints keep rubbing together can cause stiffness, as i said before can lead to getting arthritis.

Why do ankles crack when you walk?

"Cracking joints" are an interesting and poorly understood phenomenon. There are many theories as to why joints crack or pop, but the exact cause is simply not known.

What happens after you stop cracking your knuckles?

The risk of cracking one's knuckles (sliding joints under pressure) is that it can cause inflammation of the joints, or even cartilage damage. In young people, this damage will usually be repaired in a short period, but it could aggravate arthritis in older adults.

Why is it bad to crack your joints?

It is a common myth that cracking your knuckles causes arthritis, but it is not true. It is, however, annoying!!

How does root wedging break down rocks?

by breaking going into the joints of a rock then over time cracking it

Is cracking your knuckles bad?

No. The cracking sound is caused when the small bubbles of air in between your joints pop. It does not cause any problems. People who say that is causes damage are passing on a myth.

Does cracking your knuckles lead to ligament laxity?

Yes, cracking of the knuckles, or any other joints in the body can lead to the loosening of said ligaments, other-wise known as ligament-laxity.

What is the control joints?

Control joints (often confused with expansion joints) are cut into the concrete or asphalt, and are different from expansion joints as shown in the photo. The joints are cut into the structure at regular intervals allow cracking to occur in a controlled fashion. Road control joints can be sealed with hot tar, cold sealant (such as silicone), or compression sealant (such as rubber).

What does cracking your fingers do?

i was told that there are little bubbles in between your joints and that when you crack your knuckles it just pops them, and will not lead to arthritis

Does cracking your joints have any long term adverse effects?

no it does not .. all it does is move your bones a little. and it will not cause arthritis