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toothy experiencethis i know cause i once faced the same problem,you would have to eat on the opposite side but very slow,and when finish eating rinse mouth and wisidom tooth area with warm water to get all food particles out your mouth. love live life AnswerI had all 4 of my wisdom teeth cut out at the same time. I had a really bad time with that. I got 2 dry sockets because when I was coming out of the anestetics I pulled the gauze out of my mouth along with the blood clots. I had to eat slim fast because it has a lot of nutrients in it as well as broth, yogurt, pudding, Jell-O and other soft items. Oh also be sure not to drink with a straw, it will cause suction which could give you a dry socket and don't smoke for a while if you smoke. Good luck and God Bless:)
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Q: How do you eat after having a wisdom tooth pulled?
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Can you eat bread after having wisdon tooth pulled?

SURE YOU can eat anything after having a wisdom tooth pulled out. Naturally you may not want to chew with the side from which the tooth was pulled out. You can chew with the opposite side. Why restrict your diet to bread,? ON THE day of extraction it may be a good idea to avoid hot food and hot drinks It can precipitate bleeding

Can you eat a biscuit after you get your wisdom tooth pulled?

well it depends how long after. if you eat it less than 7 hours after, its not recommended

Can you eat prior to having just a normal tooth extracted not necessarily wisdom teeth?

You can eat prior to having a tooth extracted as long as you are only having a local anesthetic. Usually patients will opt for I.V. sedation for all four wisdom teeth.

Can you eat a pop sickle after you get a tooth pulled?

It is not a great idea to eat a popsicle after you get a tooth pulled. Generally, a dentist will recommend at least 30 minutes after having a dental procedure before eating and drinking.

When could you eat after having a tooth pulled and 1 filling?

About three hours, just to be safe.

Can one eat lasagna after having wisdom teeth pulled?

sure thing! just put it in the blender first.

What can you eat after a tooth is pulled?

Anything you wish.

What can you eat your 2nd day of wisdom tooth extraction?

The 2nd day after your wisdom tooth extraction, you are restricted to soft foods such as jello.

What foods to eat after wisdom teeth pulled?

Anything soft

How do you pull out a tooth without pain?

eat a milky way it pulled my tooth out!! and it didnt hurt!

Can you eat a pizza three days after getting your wisdom teeth pulled?


Can you eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches after you get your wisdom teeth pulled?


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