Butter and Margarine

How do you eat butter?

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You get a blowtorch and put rainbows on your neighbors left armpit

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What does butter eat?

Butter does not eat anything. Humans eat butter, but butter doesn't eat anything.

Can hamsters eat butter popcorn?

no, hamsters should not eat butter.

Do spiders eat peanut butter?

Spiders do not eat peanut butter, they eat insects.

Can goldfish eat peanut butter?

yes they can eat penut butter

Do groundhogs eat peanut butter?

yes they do eat peanut butter and they also eat vegatables.

What parakeets can eat?

can they eat peanut butter? No, parakeets cannot eat peanut butter. They can't eat anything with sugar, salt, or grease added. Peanut butter would kill them.

Can parakeets eat hardend peanut butter?

yes if they can eat soft peanut butter

Can green anoles eat peanut butter?

Can a brown anole eat benutt butter

Do giraffes eat peanut butter?

Im 99% sure yes they do eat peanut butter

Can cats eat peanut butter?

they might like it but its bad for cats to eat peanut butter

Do gerbils or mice eat peanut butter?

both mice and gerbils eat peanut butter

Can peanut butter people eat toothbrushes?

Yes, peanut butter people can eat toothbrushes.

What do you eat with toast?

jam, peanut butter, butter, chocolate

Is it healthier to eat melted butter?

No. Butter is butter. Melting it doesn't make it any healthier.

Can you eat butter?


Can horses eat butter?

Horses should not eat butter. Not only is it unhealthy, but it could possibly make them sick.

What should you eat with peanut butter?

Peanut butter is lovely on toast

Can a dog eat peanut butter?

Yes a dog can have peanut butter.

If you are a diabetic can you eat peanut butter?

Is peanut butter bad for diabetics?

Can you eat butter on Atkins diet?

Yes you can have pure butter on the Atkin's diet but not margarine or butter substitutes.

Why don't vegans eat peanut butter-?

There are many reasons why vegans don't eat peanut butter. One reason is because peanut butter contains salmonella.

What is the proper way to eat a Reese's peanut butter cup?

I prefer to eat the rim around the Reese's. Then I eat the chocolate around the peanut butter. Then i eat the bottom. Then I eat the top and form the peanut butter into a ball and eat that! I prefer the miniature ones better than the bigger ones.

Is it good to eat peanut butter late at night?

no its is not good to eat peanut butter late at night its because it is late at night and you have to go to sleep.if you eat peanut butter it will take a very long time to digest in your stomach as you are sleeping. you can eat peanut butter late at night unless your stomach can take it.some people can eat peanut butter at night it is because their stomach can take it but if your stomach cannot take is always best not to eat peanut butter late at night.

How much butter does bread need?

You can put as much butter as you want on the bread you eat. If you're putting butter on bread for a friend you might want to ask your friend how much butter he or she wants on the bread they eat.

Can dogs eat butter?

dogs can eat butter, but i would not recommend it, a small amount is fine, otherwise this will cause diarrhea

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