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check this link...there s some info abt u'r question..

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Can you edit your voice using windows movie maker if so then how?

No, you can't edit your voice using Windows Movie Maker. You will need to edit the audio with an external audio editor before importing it in the program.

Where can you download windows movie maker for xp?

You can download Windows Movie Maker v2.1 for Windows XP from this URL:

How do you edit something in a video?

Movie Maker a free Windows program

Does Windows Movie Maker record in WAV format?

No. Windows Movie Maker records in .wma (Windows Media Audio) format. However, you can import and edit .wav files in the program.

Can you edit jing videos with windows movie maker?

Unfortonatly not. Sorry. :P

What is the name of the Microsoft software enables you to edit video?

Windows Movie Maker

Can windows movie maker edit a 5 minute video and is there a limit to how long the video can be?

Yes. Windows Movie Maker can edit a 5 minute video with ease. And, no, there isn't really any limit to how long a video can be.

How do you edit videos on a Windows Vista?

If you haven't bought any software, then you can use Windows Movie Maker.

I have an mp3 file and wish to edit it in Windows Movie Maker but not convert to wma?

You do not have any other audio publishing options other than .wma if you are editing it in Windows Movie Maker. My suggestion is... edit the audio in Windows Movie Maker; publish/finish it in .wma format; then convert it to .mp3 using an Audio Conversion program.

How do you make movies on build-a-bearville?

If you have windows movie maker you can make a movie just get a video camera record it and put it on windows movie maker and edit it.If you have a youtube account you can post the movie.

What is the best program to edit videos and add photographs?

windows movie maker is good.

Does windows movie maker work if you don't have a webcam?

Without a webcam you can only edit it.

Can you edit a finished movie on your flashdrive back in windows movie maker 2.1?

You can't edit the movie (video) but you can import it and split it up for editing if you like.

Why will windows movie maker play the sound but not the video?

some videos will not work with windows movie maker because they are mp4s and need to be changed to a different files to be able to edit on WMM

How do you change the voice on Windows Live Movie Maker?

You'll have to edit the recording outside of WLMM (Windows Live Movie Maker) because there isn't a feature for audio editing in the program.

What software can play Imovie for Windows?

There is no software that can play Imovie for Windows. Imovie is meant for Mac users. For Windows users, they can edit movie by using Windows Movie Maker.

How do you resize a picture in movie maker?

You can't edit media in Windows Movie Maker. All editing has to be done externally before importing it into the program.

How can you edit songs on windows movie maker?

You can't edit songs in Windows Movie Maker. Any audio editing has to be done on an external audio editing program prior to importation. The most you can do with the audio/song is reduce the volume, mute, fade in/out.

How do you edit Spore movies you recorded and get the file to movie maker to edit?

The video files must be compatible with Windows Movie Maker in order to edit them in the program. File name extensions (formats) compatible with Windows Movie Maker include:asf, .avi, dvr-ms, .m1v, .mp2, .mp2v, .mpe, .mpeg, .mpg, .mpv2, .wm, .wmvIf the video is not one of those listed above, you will need to convert it to one of them before it can be imported and edited in Windows Movie Maker.

What is the importance of Windows Movie Maker?

Windows Movie Maker is a free and popular video editing software included with Windows OS that many people use to edit videos before they post them online or burn them to a DVD.

How do you download Windows Movie Maker?

If you have a mac you can't download Windows Movie Maker. If you have Windows you click on Start, All programs, Windows Movie Maker.If you wish to download Windows Movie Maker, download sites are posted below:Choose a download link compatible with your operating systemWindows Movie Maker - Xp v2.1 Movie Maker - Vista v2.6 Windows Live Movie Maker (Vista Support only)

How do you edit videos on Windows Movie Maker?

The only editing you can do to videos on Windows Movie Maker is restricted to cutting/splitting, volume level adjustments and some minor visual manipulations such as increasing/decreasing brightness.Visit the URL posted below for more information on how to edit videos on Windows Movie Maker:

What is the best movie maker program?

The free 2.6 version of Windows Movie Maker or Magix Movie Edit Pro 16 (a purchased program). Just my opinion though.

What program is used to make videos of what you are doing on your computer like how you edited a photo in photoshop?

hypercam, and edit videos photos in windows movie maker, or windows media player but user movie maker.

Is windows movie maker a good editing software?

Well, windows movie maker can definitely properly cut and edit films. They also offer many functions and features that are easy to understand by the user.

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