How do you eliminate ants?

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You go to the local police department and ask if they call issue a call to the government so they can send a message to the aliens from outer space to use there death rays to kill the ants.

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Q: How do you eliminate ants?
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Does riddexplus eliminate ants?

It should eliminate them. I have one and it seems to work on them. Read the intructions to make sure though.

How do you eliminate fire ants?

There are some baits made just for them & they work like gangbusters.

What is temprid SC?

Temprid SC is a product use for pest control. It is used to eliminate insects from around the home. Insects can include ants, carpenter ants, beetles, moths and centipedes.

Do ants eat swimming pool liners?

Yes, ants and termites are both very destructive to vinyl pool liners. A good pest control person can help eliminate this.

How do you eliminate ants in the pool?

i got up this morning and the pool had 10,000 ants in it. i just turned on the pool with the skimmer. they were coming up by the coping and the sidewalk, and were just falling in. no big deal i think.

What can you use on your cymbidium orchids for ants and spiders?

I find a mix of 50/50 icing and sugar placed in a soft drink cap does the trick, ants take the mix back to nest and feed the young usual only a day or two to eliminate ants

What is a natural remedy for carpenter ants?

One of the best ways to control or eliminate insects in general is to control the moisture that is attracting them. Check for moister problems and eliminate those first. Then control moister with a dehumidifier.

What are carpenter ants and how do you get rid of them if they were insects.?

Carpenter ants are ants that make their habitat in wood structures, like trees or homes. They are not as destructive as termites, because they don't eat the wood. An exterminator is a good idea, or you can also buy chemicals if you want to attempt to eliminate them yourself.

How do you eliminate white ants?

i dont know but call enviro tech pest prevention at 407 5922725 ok hell help you

How do I keep ants off of dog food?

Relocate it or eliminate the trail since it will take a foraging ant a while to find it again. Ants merely follow the trail marked with a pheromone (smell). Wipe it out and they are blind again-at least for a while. Also eliminate spillage and try a glass bowl, most ant species can't climb glass.

How do you eliminate ants in the house?

I had ants..and i put baby oil around d exot point nd d trail..d next nite i used talc..never had dem again..old irish way but it worked..x.

What types of ants are there?

driver ants, bull ants, jack jumper ants, black ants, fire ants, red ants, carpenter ants, army ants, and 8,000 more species of ants.

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