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I have the same problem in my 96 Z28 convertible. I tried replacing shocks & suspension bushes, but the squeaking remains. I think it's the soft top itself.

Just spray it with Teflon or better yet silicone spray- mine was squeaking something terrible -- a few sprays at the joints and the stripping edge did the trick. Hope this helps

where do i find a convertible top for a 2002 v.w.cabrio

The convertible top uses automatic transmission fluid.The convertible top uses automatic transmission fluid.

How do you put the top down on a 1998 Chevrolet Convertible

There are hard top corvettes and convertible corvettes.

If one wants to use convertible top fluid on a 1992 Lebaron convertible, one should first put the fluid on a rag and begin to wipe down the top. It is important that one spread the fluid evenly on the top.

It is built into that center lever that you unlatch the roof. (above the windshield rear veiw mirror) If you need two roof motors for a 99 cavalier z24, drop me a note...I have 2 for sale that I don't need. I will let them go cheap...because I don't need them.

The convertible top motor uses automatic transmission fluid.The convertible top motor uses automatic transmission fluid.

Leave it to the pro's. There are many things that need to be done and checked/replaced. So leave it to someone that does this sort of thing everyday. These cost to much to gamble on a novice.

The BMW convertible top drive relay switch can be found in the fuse box. The convertible top drive relay switch will be at the bottom of the third column.

No, the convertible model has a soft top only.

how do you adjust the convertible top on a 2000 Volvo C seventy

Where is the hydraulic reservoir for 1988 Chysler Lebaron convertible top?

GM uses different fluid on hard top convertible!

We need to know what is wrong with the convertible top before we can determine how to repair it.

no because its a convertible and if you do it will mess up the convertible top the luggage rack bolts to the top portion of the rear section

the convert top motor is in the trunk behind the vinyl top collector or the vinyl top shoot. you cant miss it.

The right person to ask would be either someone who owns a 1988 Chevrolet Cavalier or a mechanic at a Chevrolet dealership. This question is too complicated to answer in a simple manner.

I just replaced the top on my '99 and the motor was located behind the plastic panel inside behind the drivers seat. It's below the 1/4 window to the left of you if you were sitting in the back seat behind the driver at your fore-arm.

There are quite a few Bmw Coupe Models that have the option of a convertible top. The 3 Series Cabriolet, the Z4 Roadster, and the 2011 BMW 1 series are all available with the convertible top option.

I have successfully replaced a convertible top on my 95 mustang and published an article on how to do it. See the link below.

There is no definite time that you need to replace a convertible top. If it is properly maintained then it can last for many years.

It may or may not be. There was an automatic and a manual transmission option for the Solstice.