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Break apart and send as multiple e-mails. OE, tools, options. Sending video in an e-mail is a bad idea. Most servers will time out or simply not send it. Even if it sends, the recipient will have a long wait to download unless he has very high speed internet. You can use a large file sender such as Pando.

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Q: How do you email an .avi file that you shot using a digital camera if your computer says it is too big?
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How do you transfer photos from a digital camera to your email in box using a USB connection from camera to shared computer?

Answering "How do you transfer photos from a digital camera to your email in box using a USB connection from camera to shared computer?"

How would you get an image onto a computer using a digital camera?

Connect the camera to a computer with a USB cable or take the memory card out of the camera and load it into a car reader of a computer.

How do you take pictures for EBay?

Using a digital camera. You then upload them to the computer. Or, if you use a film camera, you can scan the pictures into the computer on get the photos put on a disc which you can upload to the computer

What are the advantages of using a digital camera versus a film camera?

burn them onto computers and email them to your friends and family also can change color

How do you move photos from memory card to flash drive?

You hook up your digital camera to the computer using a USB cable. You save the pictures on your camera to the computer. Then you unplug the digital camera and plug in your flash drive. You then save the pictures to the flash drive.

Do you take photos using a digital camera or with film?

digital cameras

How do you upload photos from digital camera to computer without a usb wire?

By using a card reader would be one way.

What kind of lens is required for a Canon digital camera?

For a Canon digital camera, a 50mm camera lens is just about right. You can also use other lenses depending on what kind of digital camera you are using.

What does a digital computer do?

A digital computer process data in numerical form using digital circuts

What is a digital camera?

A digital camera will save the picture onto a flash memory card instead of on a photosensitive paper (film) that would need to be developed (which is how a regular camera works.) This is a camera that does not use film, but instead stored the photographs in a digital format in memory on the camera. These images can then be downloaded to a computer.To use intead of a real can be uploaded on the computerAnswer 2Firstly, camara is spelt camera. Secondly, a digital camera is a real camera (see above answer), it's just that it uses different technology to record the image. It does not use a film. It uses a sensor which records the image digitally (i.e. as a computer file). This can then be either printed out, using appropriate software or saved on a computer and altered by apprpriate software and/or printed from there.

How can you make a cartoon version of yourself on the computer using your digital camera?

There should be a program that edits photos on your computer, it might be labled under effects or something like that.

Are digital camera cards able to be rewritten as are computer discs?

Yes. You can keep using the digital camera cards, again and again and again,....:) There is nothing that wears out inside it as it is electronic and has no moving parts, so it has a life of many thousand cycles...!

Parallax error is a problem that encounter when using a Digital camera?

Film Camera is the correct answer.

What is the purpose of using the digital camera?

Normally digital camera is use to caputre memories.. but in market there are huge range of digital camera. Digital SLR / SLT (Single-Lens Translucent) Cameras are different from normal digital camera. There are varios brands Nikon, Canon, Sony. But SLT Technology is Sony proprietary for Alpha Camera.

How do you draw a picture on paper and put it on computer?

You will have to scan the picture using a scanning device. The other possibility is to take a picture with a digital camera.

What does DSC mean when it prefixes a file shot with a digital camera?

If you are using the Sony Cyber-shot, it just means Digital Still Camera!

Describe one way you oculd get pictures from your digital camera to the printer?

1) Connect the digital camera to your computer using the USB cable that came with it. 2) You will find a new drive letter in My Computer for the memory card your camera is using. 3) Select the drive and locate the file for the photo you want to print. 4) Open up the file for the photo and select the Print option. Note: A printing device has to be set up with the software that came with your computer.

How do you change aperture on a digital camera?

it depends on what camera you are using. sometimes the aperture can be set on the lens.

What is wet photography?

Wet photography is using film, chemicals, darkroom and photographic paper. (Since the chemicals are wet.)Dry photography is using digital camera, computer and printer.

How do you connect a camera to a computer without using camera card?

You can get a cable for your camera which would connect to a computer USB port.

What are some ways you can get pictures into your computer?

use USB.... A digital camera is usually connected to a computer via a USB cable, or by using a cable supplied by the camera maker, so pictures can be downloaded from the camera and saved to the computer's hard-drive. A camera may have a removable memory card that can be removed from the camera and inserted into a memory card reader.

Why does your imovie keep freezing?

If you are using a digital camera instead of a video camera or if your camera is a Sony camera like mine, it might freeze.

How do you Scan a photo onto your computer?

You would need to have a scanner hooked up to your computer. An alternative method would be using a digital camera to take a picture of the photo and transferring it that way.

How to upload photos from computer to the camera?

you can upload photos from computer to camera by using a usb card reader.

What is meant by the term ISO when using a Digital Camera?

the brightness setting