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.....Elect me for treasurer and you'll get much more than just 50 Cent.

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What does student council treasurer do in elemetary school?

keeps and manages the school money.....SO YOU BETTER BE GOOD AT MATH!!!!

When did Michelle graduate?

Michelle Obama graduated from Whitney Young High School in 1981. She was the salutatorian of her class and also served as a student council treasurer.

What does a high school treasurer do?

The treasurer keeps track of funds and how the money from the student government is spent.

What does a student council Historian do?

a student council historian is a child you takes photos of there school. they also are in charge of the school newspaper.

Where did Michelle Obama attend high school?

She attended Whitney Young High School,Chicago's first magnet school, where she took placement classes,was a member of the National Honor Society,served as student/council treasurer, and was on the honor roll four years straight.

Why is Student council important?

Student council is important because it gets students to participate with the affairs of the school. It helps students share there concerns with teachears or school principals.

Student Council?

Student council is where students get to say a word about what happens to the school. They take care of fundraisers and think of spirit days.

Student council why do you want to be a student council representative?

If you are student council rep, it gives you power to control the future of the school, but not that much. its just more of a popularity contest and people want to prove they are popular.

What is a student representative council?

It gives you the power to control the school.

What do student council presidents do?

they do things to benefit their school or grade

While running for student council what is religious affairs?

Religious Affairs is a position you can run for in Student Council that focuses around God, and spreading his message throughout the school. Looking to fill the slot on your application labeled "Your Ideas"? Then maybe you want talk about the service hours you might have completed, or a club you started that has helped your school.

How do you get on student council?

You get on student council by being a good person and when you promise your school something you actually give it to them and not tease them wth bribes just to vote for you. Student council is just like being elected president. You have to work hard to eaarn it.

What does a student council do?

A student council takes on the responsibility of representing the whole student body. The student council voices the needs, wants and concerns of the student body to the administration (i.e. principals and teachers). They are also responsible for encouraging school spirit through initiating school spirit events such as a school carnival or spirit week (a week filled with events that students could take part in like a jello eating contest, a dance competition, etc).

What does a student council member do?

Student council members help improve the school by helping out with projects, charities, events, etc. There is a link to a website with some student council ideas in the related links section. It is very helpful, and I found a lot of great ideas on it.

Why do you want to be in student council?

so they can take control and change the future for the school.

What do student council mean?

At a school, the student council (a part of the student government) is a group of students who are elected to represent all of the students in a school or university. They deal with issues that affect the students, and they sometimes negotiate with the administration (the principal and vice principal of a high school, for example) to handle problems the students are having.

What does student council do in elementary school?

help the school with lots of things also they have to say speeches and all to get elected

How do you use a sentence for council?

The puplic service announcement is sponcered by the Council for a Drug Free Americia. The student council is planning a spring dance for middle school students.

What does a student secretary do?

A student secretary maintains the records of school student councils, normally writing down the minutes of council meetings and assisting with meeting organization.

What does a middle school treasurer do?

A treasurer is good with numbers and keeps track of funds.

What job does student council president do?

It really depends on what school. Mine was that I had to be in-charge of the entire student council, I had to report back to my advisor and principal, I helped coordinate all the events that we did, (prom, talent show, etc.) go to assembly meetings, etc. All-in-all, the job as student council president is and was great.

What do you do if my science teacher hates me and we don't have a council in our school and I am too scared to talk to teachers about this?

If you have no council at your school, have a talk with your parents about your concern. A teacher should never hate a student for any reason.

Who should be the student council president of the school?

This is a question you must answer for yourself, and your school. The best way to decide would be to hold an election.

What are some fun high school events other than dances and pep rallies that my Student Council could plan?

If your student council could plan a carnival day, at my old high school, we had one for the past three years. Everyone always loves it.

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