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How do you enlarge your screen viewing on your computer?

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If you are on a Windows computer, simply go to the start menu, click on controls, then go to monitor resolution and click on the resolution you want. This does not work on laptops.

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How do enlarge screen?

depends on your computer

What is the part of the computer which contains the viewing screen?

it is the monitor

How do you enlarge font on computer screen?

To enlarge the font on a computer screen, hold down CTRL and push the + sign. You could also go to where it says font, and change it from 11 to 14 or higher. It depends on what document you are in.

What is the current viewing area on a computer screen?

Current Viewing Area refers to the visual area covered on Computer Screen. This depends on the aspect ratio 4:3/16:9.

How do you enlarge all print on your computer?

Press Alt-F4 when viewing this page. This will bring up the print properties.

Sentence using enlarge?

The class used a microscope in order to enlarge the specimen for viewing closely.

Why is does a computer have a screen?

A computer has a screen to show the features of the interfacing you are using. It is an essential device for home-computing as without it there would be no way of viewing documents and searches.

What is the Screen used for viewing computer information?

the Monitor. cheating on your class assignments D:<

What is the function of the little circle on the upper right edge of my computer desktop?

means exit, minimize, or enlarge the screen

To enlarge or decrease the viewing area of a document use?

zoom slider

What is the difference between a monitor and a desktop?

A monitor is the viewing screen, a desktop consists of your cpu, computer components.

Why is your screen smaller on black ops?

The in-game settings are set low. If you are on a computer you need to enlarge the resolution, on a console you need to check the in-game settings to adjust your screen.

How do you enlarge your screen?

f11 press it

How do you enlarge NDS emulator screen?

First load the game, and then click on the enlarge button a few times and it should enlarge the screen! or right click on the nds emulator icon, go to property and put run as 64 screen

How can you enlarge the print of your computer?

If you want to enlarge the print on a PC, right click anywhere on the desktop, click "properties" or "screen resolution" if you see it. If you clicked screen resolution, increase it. If you clicked Properties, click on the "Settings" tab, and increase the resolution, and then press "Ok".

Can a computer virus possibly enlarge your screen?

yes, viruses can do anything to the software of you computer viruses are files that contain code that cab tell your computer to do anything that it's creator programs it to do.

A sentence with enlarge in it?

to enlarge your screen press the little square at the top righ hand corner.

What on a computer pulls up a magnification box that can be dragged around the screen to enhance the viewing of hard-to-read-images?

Magnifier Pulls up a magnification box that you can drag around the screen to enhance viewing of hard-to-read images.

To enlarge or decrease the viewing area of the document use the what on the status bar?

Zoom Slider

How do you enlarge screen on my laptop?

You cannot enlarge the screen, you can magnify the images on it. You can change the resolution of the screen or magnify items depending on the software you have installed. In addition to changing the resolution and magnifying individual items inside individual programs, there are two other, global, ways to enlarge screen images on a laptop. First, with software. This is built in into the Windows machines, look for Microsoft Screen Magnifier on your Windows 7 computer for example. Second, you can use a monitor magnifier or laptop screen magnifier which is a large Fresnel lens that will optically magnify the screen. You can read more about this type of laptop screen magnifier in related links, below.

Computer projectors have what use?

Computer projectors are commonly used to display data or information onto a large screen for group viewing, training, or showing Web sites.

At what age a penis can be enlarge?

im sorry but if you waste your life on the computer being a nerd your penis will never enlarge im sorry but if you waste your life on the computer being a nerd your penis will never enlarge

Can I use a 20" LCD monitor as a TV screen?

One of the highest rated TV screen and computer monitor combination products is the Samsung LD-S2338W. It offers easy PC hookup and has a crisp, ultra-colorful high definition screen perfect for television viewing or for working on the computer.

What kind of computer software assists the disabled?

Computer software that assists disabled persons is known as "Accessibility Software." This sort of software can help visually impaired persons read, by synthesising on-screen text into audio. This is known as text-to-speech. Other software may enlarge text on the screen, or provide on-screen magnification.

What is the scroll bar on your computer?

A scrollbar is a widget that appears on the right-side of your computer screen whenever the document you are viewing cannot fit entirely on the screen. The scroll bar will show you how much of the document is visible. And you can click+drag the scroll bar to scroll the page very fast.