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If you are on a Windows computer, simply go to the start menu, click on controls, then go to monitor resolution and click on the resolution you want. This does not work on laptops.

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Q: How do you enlarge your screen viewing on your computer?
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How do enlarge screen?

depends on your computer

What is a laparoscope?

It is a viewing instrument that displays the surgery on a computer screen for easier viewing

What is the part of the computer which contains the viewing screen?

it is the monitor

How do you enlarge font on computer screen?

To enlarge the font on a computer screen, hold down CTRL and push the + sign. You could also go to where it says font, and change it from 11 to 14 or higher. It depends on what document you are in.

What is the current viewing area on a computer screen?

Current Viewing Area refers to the visual area covered on Computer Screen. This depends on the aspect ratio 4:3/16:9.

How do you enlarge all print on your computer?

Press Alt-F4 when viewing this page. This will bring up the print properties.

Sentence using enlarge?

The class used a microscope in order to enlarge the specimen for viewing closely.

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the Monitor. cheating on your class assignments D:<

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A computer has a screen to show the features of the interfacing you are using. It is an essential device for home-computing as without it there would be no way of viewing documents and searches.

What is the function of the little circle on the upper right edge of my computer desktop?

means exit, minimize, or enlarge the screen

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f11 press it

What is the meaning of the word enlarger?

The word enlarger means to make something bigger. For example on your computer screen if you have a small window screen you click on a box to enlarge it.

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