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I believe that either that cheat isn't valid, or you need a GameShark to enter this cheat. In some game cheat code are not avible but some there is cheat codes for games.

~collier messick

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What are the top selling toys in the world?

The Top Selling Toys Are The Expensive Ones For Instance : Trampolines,Nintendo DS Lites, Xbox 360 And Nintendo Wii's :D I Myself Have A Nintendo DS And A Xbox 360 :D Lol :D

What are synonyms of for example?

Thus, for example, for instance, namely, to illustrate, in other words, in particular, specifically, such as.

Why is the Nintendo wii always sold out?

It sells out so fast because Nintendo lacks the confidence in their products to mass produce them. The average gamestop for instance only gets 4 copies of Super Mario Galaxy every week.

Where may one sell Nintendo DS consoles?

You can find many Nintendo DS consoles at any department store. Walmart for instance sells them. Target, Kmart and Kohls carry them also. You can also find them at best buy.

Does the sun shine all around the world?

Yes it does, but not at the same time. During nighttime, for instance, roughly half the world is dark while the rest is in bright sunshine.

Can you trade your Nintendo for a new one?

No, but you could for money or store credit.For instance, Gamestop would give you money/ store credit if you traded it in.

What does forthright mean specifically?

Forthright means up front. For instance, " if you would have been forthright about it I wouldn't have been upset."

Do elements in the oxygen family tend to gain or lose electrons in chemical reactions?

that would depend on what specifically the were reacting with on each instance.

What does the Latin suffix card mean?

"Card" refers to "heart". Specifically, your organ. For instance - "cardiac muscle" refers to the muscle that composes your heart.

How much does Nintendo spend on research?

The figures for research and development costs at Nintendo fluctuate from year to year, even quarter to quarter. For instance, in one quarter of 2013 the company spent $139 million in R and D. That nearly matches the entire 2006 year's spending.

What did the Bible say about this election?

There is nothing in the Bible that SPECIFICALLY talks about this election. There are general principles in the Bible that should apply to any election, such as honesty, for instance.

What kind of pills will knock you out but not kill you?

There are many pills that will allow you to sleep and not harm you. For instance there are pills specifically designed to help you sleep, such as Tylenol PM.

If you rewrite a story so it is set in your town 500 years ago what have you changed?

In this instance one has changed part of the "orientation" of the story, specifically, the setting.

Is all the energy from plants passed on to the animal that eats it?

not specifically energy but nutrients and minerals are passed on. take humans for instance, were animals and we get nutrients from vegies

Good rabbit names?

carrots scamp or hopper Anything that you enjoy. For instance, if you love sunshine name him sunny. If you like Mexican names name it Josefina pronounced: [Ho-Se-Fina] I hope I have helped!!!

What are measuring scale used for?

A measuring scale comes in handy when you need to weigh food. For instance, a diet specifically calls for 4 ounces per serving, etc.

What is the definition of 'video game console'?

Video Game console- it means the system that you play a certain game on, for instance here are some examples: NES, SNES, N64, PS1, PS2, PS3, XBOX, XBOX 360, Gamecube, WII

What is a varible?

a variable is anything which changes. for instance in any given day the amount of sunshine which strikes the ground is variable because of sun angle, shading, and atmospheric interactions. Example: 4x the x is the variable....any letter with a number is a variable...:)

What does the spanish word habla mean?

it means "talk" - specifically, it means "he/she/it talks", from the verb hablar, and it's also used as "you talk" when speaking polite, like for instance with older people.

What was caused by economic pressure?

hmm a lot of things for instance shays's Rebellion was one in U.S.A. history but i don't know what you want here re post more specifically please.

Can a non custodial parent get in trouble for leaving state?

Only in the rare instance where the court order specifically forbids it. However, leaving the state will not alter the NCP's child support obligation

Is Xbox or PlayStation better for Karaoke?

Both systems are old and it is the game version system combo that you should be looking at for best for Karaoke. For Instance Disney Sing it for PS3 or Nintendo Wii or Def Jam Rapstar Bundle for PS3 Xbox 360 or Nintendo Wii. Karaoke Revolution Bundle is also available for all 3 systems

How do you use for instance in a sentence?

To use for instance in a sentence, you could, for instance, say sonething you could do."For instance, this is my sentence."

Object in c and c plus plus?

C is not an object-oriented programming language and therefore has no objects as such. However, the term is often used in a more general sense to mean any instance of an user-defined or primitive variable/constant. In C++, the term is used specifically to mean any instance of a class.

What is the mass of this isotope that has 8 protons and 8 neutrons?

The mass number is the sum of the number of protons and neutrons, in this instance 16, more specifically O-16, since 8 protons is characteristic of oxygen.