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How do you erase a dog in Nintendogs dalmatian and friends?


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2010-11-23 00:17:58
2010-11-23 00:17:58

Its simple. All you have to do is go to the dog hotel. Well first go in to shopping. Next press on Dog Hotel. Then go to donate a dog at the bottom left of the screen. Last just press on the dog you want to donate. It will ask two questions. The first one will say if you want to donate the dog. The second question will say if you are sure you want to donate that dog because you will never see that dog again. Just press yes to both of those questions and your done. Sometimes its heartbreaking to donate a dog. OK.


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there is two ways you can by finding the fireman hat and by having dalmation and friends

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first u make ur dog sit then say"JUMP". hope i helped.

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on nintendogs dalmation and frendz u get a, Yorkshire terrier Beagle golden retriver boxer German shprd dalmation (obusly)

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