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Actually the NEC says that the load on a branch circuit can only be 80% of the breaker size since Some appliances use a more energy to start up. so to be legal, you could only have a 1440W load on a 15 amp circuit, and 2880W with a 240 v 15 amp breaker.

Another Answer You really should be asking how you can estimate ENERGY (not 'power') consumption, based upon a wattage rating. The term, 'wattage', is a slang term for 'power', which is expressed in watts. Power is simply a rate, the rate at which energy is being consumed, and energy (for the purpose of billing, at least) is expressed in kilowatt hours.

So if you know the power ('wattage') of your load, then you must ensure that it is expressed in kilowatts and, then, multiply it by the number of hours that the load is operating. This will then tell you how much energy has been consumed over that period, expressed in kilowatt hours.

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Q: How do you estimate power consumption based on the wattage rating?
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