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How do you estimate swimming pool maintenance cost?


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August 16, 2007 1:09AM

Many factors come into play when estimating maintenance cost. Like how many gallons is your pool? A simple formula for an approximate size is : Length of your pool X (times) Width X average depth (6' in the deep end 4' in the shallow, average depth is 5') X 7.5 , and your answer will tell you the gallons of your pool. How much foreign material falls into the pool, total pool usage, hot weather and filtering system upkeep. Add up your chemical cost from that, and some good 'ol fashioned labor is all it cost's. An average cost per month for a 10' by 30' pool should cost about $25. Of course more pool traffic, more chemicals. more cost. But the enjoyment of the pool certainly makes up for any cost. Chemical tester strips are a must, buy some and learn to use them, they'll pay for themselves in the long run, avoiding costly shock treatments or worse, pool drainage, and acid washes.