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How do you etch designs onto sea shells?

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Another way: sketch or transfer a design on your shell, and use a air or electric grinder, (Fordom and Dremal are two that I use), Diamond and carbide bits work very well, then just trace your design with your grinder. you can fill etching with paint, ink,etc..Good-luck Etching Seashells A man I knew used pins, nails, small knives, and then rubbed the etching with India Ink. Depending on what kind of shell you are etching you must be very careful. My suggestion is to make sure you use a variable speed dremel Tracing your pattern with a fine permanent ink marker is your best bet to start out. Good luck.

I would experiment with a dremil they have pen like dremil tips :) but would work with a varable speed one so you have more control.

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Do sea otters have hands like humans?

in a way yes they do, they grab onto conch shells and other shells for food

In the poem She shells sea shells by the sea shore?

it's 'she sells sea shells by the sea shore', not 'she shells sea shells by the sea shore'.

Do sea anemones have shells?

sea anemones do not have shells !

She sells sea shells by the sea shore?

she sells sea shells by the sea shore

What shapes are sea shells?

Sea shells can be tons of shapes.

What do egg shells and sea shells have in common?

you dont go to the sea shore to buy egg shells

What type of shell does a hermit crab have?

Hermit crabs can have a variety of different shells, which are called different things. But the overall kind of shells they usually inhabit are sea snail shells, which are washed up onto the shore of the Caribbean of where they live.

Did she sell sea shells by the shore?

yes,she did sell shells by the sea shore

Can diamonds be found in sea shells?

Sea shells are not known as a source for diamonds.

What is the difference between clams and sea shells?

the difference is clams are hard and sea shells live in the sea

How do you clean sea shells?

u can clean sea shells by using a preservative FORMALIN.

What are sea turtle shells used for?

Sea Turtles shells are used to protect them from there preditors.

What is the whole nursery rhyme Susie sells sea shells...?

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Sally sells sea shells down by the sea shore how many shells does she sell?

As many shells as Sally sells down by the sea shore. As witnessed by a certified observer of sea shell sales.

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Umah 3 der brain. That question makes no sense at all, matio.

Why did sally sell sea shells by the sea shore?

I'm sure there is a sally out there who has sold Sea Shells & had a very good reason.

How does vinegar effect sea shells?

Vinegar dissolves sea shells because the acid in the vinegar dissolves the calcium in the sea shell

What is the collective noun for shells?

The collective nouns for shells are:a broadside of shells (artillery)a salvo of shells (artillery)a midden of shells (sea)

How do sea turtles use their shells?

Sea turtles use their shells to protect themselves from predators such as sharks.

Why does your cat lick sea shells?

Probably because they have sea salt on them. The shells are a natural salt lick.

Where are all the hello kitty shells on build a bear ville?

You have to go under water and there are a ton of pink sea shells everywhere. Than after you got the sea shells in the water go inside the crack in the boat. Than you get the big pink sea shells in there and you get your sea shell necklace

If you find a rock with seashells on it what kind of rock is it?

Care would have to be made in the identification of such a rock. It could be a sedimentary rock composed partially of sea shells or it could be another rock type that has sea shells cemented onto it by natural contact or by purposeful attachment by a shelled marine organism.

Who sells sea shells by the sea shore?

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What young sea turtles have heart shaped shells?

what young sea turtles of this species have heart shaped shells

How do sea shells become sedimentary rocks?

sea shells become sedimentary rocks when they are cemented together by minerals