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I am very sorry you are going through this and I know you must feel like your life is falling apart. You are actually going through a very normal grieving period and it's OK to cry, feel badly and go through what you are, but in a few months it's time to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get back out in life. You are going to have to trust me when I tell you that although you may think this was your one true love, you haven't met the right person for you. Most of us have been through something similar in our lives and feel like our heart has been torn out of our bodies and we're left with an empty shell. We aren't listening to our own heart, and we seem to be blinded to what is good for us.

I am a great believer that no matter however painful, we are all on a path (each of us given the same equal shot) to meet that very special someone out there that is meant for us. Sometimes that special someone is right under our noses like a good friend that has been there always, yet sometimes it's feeling so down you want to crawl off in a dark corner and all of a sudden you look across a crowded room and there he is! You just know it! I believe in destiny and the fact we have to go down some wrong way streets before we find that person. Why? Because when we do finally meet them and if we are paying attention to what we feel; we've been through so much that as soon as you see that person in your life you know right then and there that's the person you love.

Love is giving not only sexually, but more importantly trust, honesty, loyalty, yet receiving these fine qualities back from that person you love.

Don't give up. You just haven't met that right person yet, and you will!

Good luckMarcy

Answeri think it is almost imposiable to get over that one true love because they aare the first one and you will always have them in your heart but you have to move on and contu=inue on with your life because the past is like a car if you are staring in the rear veiw mirrior you will crash into what is in frount of you and know one wants to do that because it hurt and mabey the one and true was not that person and you might miss the one and true if you don't pay attentionto what is going on take it from me it will come un expectedly
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Q: How do you ever get over that one true love?
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How do you get over you one true love after having a baby with him?

You can't ever get over someone who is the father of your baby. Especially if they are your true love. I think that true love is like angels: which everyone talks about, but few have seen. If you found that true love, keep him.

Never say goodbye to your true love you will never get over it?

Not true. You can get over it without having to say goodbye because as you take it one day at a time and move on, you will find someone who cannot be compared to your true love because they treat you better than your true love ever did.

Will you choose the person who loves you very much over the person you love but doesn't loves you?

If you love the person who loves you very much, that is the one to keep. The other one may or may not ever come around and unrequited love is not true love.

Who is nick going to marry?

no one really know's who ever is his true love

Will i ever get over the guy i love?

Yes, coming from a 15 year old girl, yes, you can. It is possible. I know i am young but i have experienced love, just not true love. The way i got over the guy i loved was to think of the bad things about him. I am the person everyone comes to in school about guy troubles. So take it from me, yes, you will get over the one you love right now.

What is the duration of One True Love?

The duration of One True Love is 2.45 hours.

What is the scret of true love?

There is no secret to true love, for if it is true then there cannot possibly be a secret. How one finds true love is a different matter altogether. In reality I dont think it is ever possible to know whether one has true love or not until you can look back and remember your life with that person and say that there was never a time when you did not feel loved, supported and considered by them. That even when you were at your lowest and in the middle of an argument, you did not once feel as if they did not still love you. Anything else is only "true love for now"

Can a girl fall in love with a new guy?

Well really, there should only ever be your one true love... So ask yourself: was it love in the first place? :)

Does yoko still love kamina?

Yes, Yoko still loves him because love can never fade when it is true and no one can ever forget her love, specially girls.

Is first love the hardest to forget or to get over?

For some people it is. No one ever forgets the first time they fell in love.

How do you know that your true love is not cheating on you with your best friend?

True Love, REAL True Love has alot to do with faith. Faith that you will be true to the one you love and that person will be true to you. If you do not have faith that your love is being true to you, can it be "True Love"?

What is the difference between a true love and a great?

The difference is in great love you may think your love is the one, but in true love for sure they are the one

Can you have more than one true love?

no because you already have one that's why you said one true love

What is the characteristic of true love?

True love isn't linked specifically to one thing. True love varies from person to person.

What is true love to you?

True love is when somebody loves you for who you are. He/She will bring you any where you want like the movies or the mall. He/She will marry you and love you forever and ever!---------------true love is when you cant stop thinking about that one special person, it's when both of you are comfortable with each other and love each other for who you are. true love is promising to never let go of the person. Its when you always get butterflies when your around them and when your thinking about them your smiling.Its when your respect and are completely honest with them. True love never dies.

Will Gaara ever love someone or will ever some one else love Gaara?

I guess Gaara won't really fall in love. Maybe when he is older. And you know that Matsuri and Sari from the sand village fangirl over him.

How to say my one true love in french?

'my one true love' in french is 'mon seul véritable amour'

When was One True Love - song - created?

One True Love - song - was created in 1988.

What is the secret to true love?

The True Love Is The Heart :-true love is when you know that you found the right person and you cant live without them. true love to me is talking on the phone and not wanting to get of because i know that i love hearing your voice. true love is that when you away from the one that you love you just wish and hope that they were there with you. that true love

Why cant you find true love?

if you want to find true love then first you must find God he is the only one who can show you how to love yourself and then he will show you where and how to find your true love if you want to find true love then first you must find God he is the only one who can show you how to love yourself and then he will show you where and how to find your true love

True or False Before Yea Yea and Benny no one had ever gone over The Fence?

The actual answer in FALSE

What does it mean when a guys says I love you like no one can ever love another person?

His love for you is unconditional and no one can EVER love a person as his love for you. Basically, he loves you, a lot.

What song are the lyrics from no one could ever love you like I do?

The words are actually "no one will ever love you like I do". They are from the song No One Will Ever Love You, sung by Rayna and Deacon on the ABC drama Nashville.

Can true love can wait?

no true love cant wait if you love someone no one else should matter

Will you see your true love soon?

All I can say is...I have found true love, and it's a beautiful one..I have found true love in her and her name is Trisha.........I LOVE YOU BESHIE!!!!!