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How do you evict the nanny?

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If the nanny was living there, he or she could be considered a "tenant" whose "rent" was deducted from salary. Therefore, you would need to follow all local laws and regulations regarding evictions (proper notice, opportunity to make other arrangements, security for damages, etc).

If the nanny was not living there, then ask for the return of any keys, give back any property owned by the nanny, and then change the locks.

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What are some sentences with the word 'evict'?

I will evict you if you don't pay your rent

Can you evict a tenent with a option to purchase?

can you evict with a option to purchase

How do you evict your girlfriend from your home in Indiana?

how do i evict my girlfriend after 6 months

When would you be required to evict an adult child?

You are never required to evict someone.

Can a husband evict a wife who has cancer from the property they own?

No. One owner cannot evict the co-owner of the property.No. One owner cannot evict the co-owner of the property.No. One owner cannot evict the co-owner of the property.No. One owner cannot evict the co-owner of the property.

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How can i use evict in a sentence?

Im going to evict you if you dont pay your rent this month.

How could you use evict in a sentence?

The owner can evict a person if he/she does not pay it's rent.

Can a landlord evict you in below zero temperatures?

yes,he can evict you whenever he feels like it

Can a landlord evict before the lease is up and not give you a reason?

To evict, he needs a reason.

How do evict someone out your house in sims3?

You go to "..." and click "edit town." Once you are in the town, click on the house you want to evict Sims from, and scroll over the three options. One of them is "evict Sims." choose the Sims you want to evict, and voila!

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Can you evict the spouse of a tenant if the spouse's name is not on the lease only the tenant's?

Yes, you can evict the spouse of a tenant who is not on the lease. You can evict a spouse when they are on the lease if you follow the right protocol.

How do you evict your son in Texas?

To evict your son is Texas send him a formal letter telling him you want to evict him. If he refuses to move, you can start eviction proceedings through the court.

Can a public housing authority evict a disabled tenant?

Whether a tenant is disabled does not have a bearing on whether he can be evicted. If a PHA has the right to evict a tenant then it can evict such person regardless of disability.

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How long does it take to evict someone in Nevada from a mobile home?

What is the law to evict someone from rental home

What is a sentence using the word evict?

I will have to evict my room mate soon unless she can pay her share of the expenses.

How do we evict a squatter in the state of Illinois?

Start by asking the police to evict them.

When can you evict a tenant?

You can evict a tenant when the tenant breaks the lease or rental contract by not paying rent or lease payments. You can also evict a tenant who breaks a lease by breaking rules listed on the lease.

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