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Getting Jiggly PuffTrade a Pok�mon with a moonstone from FireRed or Leaf Green. New Answer HeadlineIf you have Sapphire or Ruby, you can do the same thing as above. This Is A Better Answer:to get a moonstone on sapphire/emerald get a Pokemon with thief or get a lot of pokeballs go to meoteor falls and catch a lot/steal from lunatone to get extra moonstones trust me it works ive tried it
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Q: How do you evolve Jiggly Puff on Pokemon Emerald when you've already used the moonstone on Skitty?
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What Pokemon uses a moon stone in Pokemon emerald?

well jiggly puff does

What level does Jigglypuff envolve?

Jiggly puff does not evolve at a level, but by using the moonstone.

What level does Jigglypuff turn into wigglypuff?

Jiggly puff can be evolved into wiggly puff by using a moonstone.

How do you get a jiggly puff in Pokemon LeafGreen?

In route 3 in the grass there are Jiggly Puffs

Where is jiggly puff in Pokemon sapphire?

Route 115

Where can you catch jiggly puff in Pokemon ruby?


Is Jiggly-puff a rare Pokemon?

no its a regular Pokemon like a meowth

How do you get igglybuff in Pokemon ruby?

by breedeing two jiggly puffs

Pokemon How do you evolve jiggly puff?

You use a Moon Stone.

What are all the moves Jiggly Puff from Pokemon uses?


Does jiggly puff evolve in Pokemon tower defense?


What level does igglybuff evolve at in Pokemon pearl?

it evolves to jiggly puff

How do yo find jiggly puff in Pokemon pearl?

You might find it in the Trophy Garden if that is the Pokemon of the day.

Where can you find jiggly puff in Pokemon FireRed?

jigglypuff in Pokemon firered.mont moon and near mount moon

Where are jiggly-puffs and soft apples in Pokemon Yellow on gba?

go to idiots it has all info bout pokemon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where do you find a jiggly puff in Pokemon soul silver?

in the safari zone :) Or on Route 3 and 4

How do you get jiggly puff in Pokemon yellow?

Jigglypuff can be found on routes 5, 6, 7, and 8.

Why are fat guts jiggly?

because a girl in my school is jiggly

Where to find a jiggly puff on Pokemon Yellow?

You can find jigglypuff by the daycare. You have a 75% chance of finding one.

Where do you get jiggly puff in Pokemon tower defense?

The first level you can atch Jigglypuff is route 3 in Chapter 2

What Pokemon can learn sing on Pokemon FireRed?

Jigglypuff and Clefairy. Clefairy can be found in mt. Moon and I found my jiggly puff in the tall grass outside of mt. Moon

On Pokemon Blue which Pokemon will flash work on?

flash works on abra, voltorb, clefairy, jiggly puff, and MAYBE charmander, but mew, mewtwo, and some other normal or psychic types.

Top 10 best Pokemon?

Sea KingMudkipPikachuCharmanderSquirtleBulbasaurJiggly PuffPsyduckDiglettOmanyte.

Why do the cobras decide they have to kill the people in the house?

Go to the Pokemon center in jiggly city and talk to the hot woman and she will take care of it for you

What is Wiggly Jiggly?