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Tangela does not evolve in Fire Red.

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How do you get tangroth on Pokemon Diamond?

you need a tangela so catch it in the pal park (transfer it through Pokemon leaf green or fire red) and let it learn ancient power a tangela learns ancient power at level 34 so keep ancient power and it will evolve at level 35.

When does growlithe evolve in Pokemon Red fire?

Only when you use a fire stone on growlithe it will evolve.

Can a Pokemon evolve in the day care center in Pokemon fire red?

no, Pokemon don't evolve there they jut grow levels

What level does gravler evolve in Pokemon fire red?

You have to trade it to another player for it to evolve.

What level does kadabra evolve in pokemon fire red?

He doesn't evolve via level, you have to trade it to evolve it.

What Pokemon does erika have in Pokemon Red?

Tangela, Gloom, Oddish, Vileplume.

Can lickitung evolve in Pokemon FireRed?

No, Lickitung can not evolve in Fire Red or any Pokemon game before Diamond and Pearl.

When does gastly evolve in Pokemon fire red?

You don't need to get a gastly to evolve because you can catch haunters in Pokemon tower

What level does kadabra evolve on Pokemon fire red?

Kadabra doesn't evolve in any Pokemon version, unless you trade it.

What level does dewgong evolve in Pokemon fire red?

it doesnt evolve seel evolves into dewgong

What lvl does graveler evolve on Pokemon Fire red?

you have to trade a graveler to evolve it you can only evolve it by trading it with a wireless adapter.

Omanyte evolve Pokemon FireRed?

omanyte evolves into omastar at lv:40 Pokemon fire red omanyte evolves into omastar at lv:40 Pokemon fire red

What Pokemon evolve with a sun stone in Pokemon fire red?

sunkern to sunflora gloom to bellossom

What level does paras evolve in Pokemon fire red?

Paras should evolve in Parasect at level 24.

What lvl does ratatta evolve in Pokemon LeafGreen?

It will evolve at Level 20. This also applies to Fire Red.

What levels do Pokemon evolve in Pokemon FireRed?

Depends what Pokemon it is. They all evolve at different levels...... it helps if you buy a book on Pokemon fire red and leaf green

When does wartortle evolve in Pokemon FireRed?

wartortle evolves into blastoise in fire red

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