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You use an elemental stone. Examples include: Fire, Water, Thunder, Moon, etc.

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What can Eevee evovle to in ruby?


How does Eevee evovle in to Glaceon?

there is a small rock near snow point city. train your eevee there and it will evolve

What does Eevee evolve into using a moonstone?

you must have already found this out but eevee does not evovle into anything using a moonstone. -RR14

How do you make your Eevee evolve to umbreon?

How to make eevee evovle into umbreon is to raise its health and happiness in daytime.Go to the massage girl in Vielstone City.

Where is Espeon in Pokemon Silver?

evovle by makeing eevee happy & level up at morning

At what level does Eevee evolve into umbreon?

Sorry to say but, eevee doesnt evovle into umbreon by level. The only way to make it evolve at night with high happiness

What level does Eevee evovle?

Eevee doesn't evolve by leveling up. Eevee evolves with the special stones. Waterstone=Vaporeon Firestone=Flareon Thunderstone=Jolteon Yes it Dose HELLO ESPEON AND UMBREON

How do you get an umbrion andespion in pearl?

You have to evovle Eevee or you can find someone to trade. To increase the number of Eevees, you can breed them and wait...........

How do you evovle your evvi e into a espion?

I trained my Eevee during the Day time and it evolved in to Espeon. I have a lv 74 Glaceon, and all my other evolutions of eevee (including Eevee, Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Leadeon, Espeon, and Umberon) are at Lv. 60 or 61.

How do you evovle an Eevee into an umbreon?

you have to level it up with high enough friendship between 8:00 p.m. and 4:00 a.m.

What level does eevee evolve into Espeon if from Bebe?

It evolves when it's very happy with the trainer, and it has to be during the day, or else it'll evovle into a umbreon.

Pokemon platinum your flareons a boy how do you DE evolve it?

you cant de evovle pokemon. instead , breed it with ditto and u get an eevee egg.

What level does eevee evovle to umbreion in soul silver?

it levels up at night ad with happniess it will evole sae for espo ust in day :)

What Pokemon evovle by happiness diamond?

Riolu need happiness to evole in Lucario Eevee to Espeon in the daytime (anywhere exept in eterna forest or on route 217) Eevee to Umbreon in the nighttime (anywhere exept in eterna forest or on route 217)

How do you evolve Eevee in Pokemon Vortex?

i dunno if this is only in Pokemon gale of darkness but there is a sailor in the auto shop talk to him and he should ask you if you want to evovle your evee

When does budew evovle?

it evovle at 16

How do you evolve an Eevee to an Espeon?

BE WARNED: EVOVLING EEVEE INTO ESPEON DOES NOT WORK IN FIRE RED OR LEAF GREEN! You have to trade to Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald. It all depends on what time of day it is. In RSE, eevee will evovle into espeon if you have a full friendship with it between the hours of 12 am and 12 pm. In P/D, same thing exepct it could be any time during the day (when the sun's still up.)

Tell how you get Eevee to evolve in to is different kinds of evoultion?

In all versions of Pokemon if given a fire, thunder or water stone Eevee will evolve into a Flareon, Jolteon or Vaporeon. In all versions except red, blue, yellow and green Eevee will evolve into Espeon or Umbreon if their friendship is gained. Espeon if friendship gained in the daytime. Umbreon if their friendship is gained at nighttime. In Pokemon pearl, diamond or platinum, Eevee will evovle into Leafeon if leveled up next to the green rock in eterna forest and a Glaceon if you level Eevee up at a stone covered in ice at snowpoint

How do you evovle Eevee in FireRed?

You give it a fire, water, or thunderstone. If you want an Espeon or Umbreon, you will have to trade it into a ruby, emerald, or sapphire game. If you want to get all the Eevees, then you should breed your pokemon on island 4.

What Pokemon evovle with a waterstone Pokemon Red?

Poliwhirl evolves into Poliwrath. Shelder evolves into Cloyster. Staryu evolves into Starmie. Eevee evolves into Vaporeon. You can buy the water stone at Celadon Dept. Store.

Where to find a jolteon on Pokemon Gold?

evovle an eevee that you get from bill in goldenrod with a thunderstone. you can get a thunder stone from Dana Lass get her number she is on route 37 i think and she will call you a couple of times then she will say she has an item for you it is the thunderstone

How did fish evovle?

If you mean water pokemon then they all evovle at a certain order.

How do you get a mamoswine in Pokemon platinum?

Catch a Swinumb, evovle it into Piloswine, then evovle it again.

How do you evovle golbat in Pokemon soul silver?

it will evovle at level forty-five

What Pokemon can evovle from a leaf water fire moon leaf stone in Pokemon leaf green?

Leaf Stone: Exeggcute, Gloom, Weepinbel Water Stone: Staryu, Eevee, Poliwhirl Fire Stone: Vulpix, Growlithe, Eevee Moon Stone: Clefairy, Jigglypuff, Nidorina, Nidorino I'm about 90 % sure that this is all of them.