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How do you explain Horse Racing odds?

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Decimal Odds (Easiest)

Rather than using percentages, bookmakers use odds. Decimal odds are commonly used in Europe and also known as European odds. To convert chances into decimal odds just take the chance as a % and divide into 100. 100/%Chance = odds So if you think something has a 20% chance of winning then 100/20 = 5 Say you wish to place a bet on an event which has decimal odds of 5. If you win, for every one pound you stake you will receive 5 pounds back. Stake £10 and you will receive back £50. You can see that your stake is included in the odds. European odds multiplied by your stake equals the payout. The odds show how many units the bookmaker pays out per unit staked.

Fractional Odds

The more traditional fractional odds are often used in the UK. Using the 20% chance example again, the factional odds are 4/1. Fractional odds are saying that for every 1 time you win then 4 times you will lose. Which is the same as saying you have a 20% chance of winning and an 80% chance of losing. Say you wish to place a bet on an event which has odds of 4/1. If you win, for every pound you stake you will win £4 and you will receive your one pound stake back, giving you a total return of 5. If you place a bet of £10 at 4/1, then you will win £40 and have your £10 stake returned, giving a total return of £50. UK odds multiplied with your stake equals the winnings. The odds show how many units you win in terms of winning per unit staked.

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Where can information on horse racing odds be found?

One can find information on horse racing odds via a number of website. Such information is available on sites like 'Dummies', 'Odds Checker', 'Go Racing' and 'OddsShark'.

How do you know which odds are the lowest in Horse Racing?

The ones with the highest payout, have the lowest odds.

If Horse racing odds are 5-6 do you say against at end?

No, because that is odds-on.

Harness Racing bets?

Like in horse racing harness racing depends on the odds and the amount of bets played.

What is a black horse in horse racing betting?

It means a horse that is not likely to win, or that the odds are stacked against him.

What do even odds mean in horse racing?

A horse at 1:1, or even odds, means that for every $2 dollars you bet you will receive $4.

Final odds as the race begins?

In horse racing the odds are determined by the bets placed. Betting stops when the race starts. These determine the final odds.

What are good odds in horse racing?

That depends. Odds might be considered good when they exceed the actual probablity of the horse winning the race. If a horse has a 50% chance of winner a race, then 1-1 odds would be fair and 2-1 would be good.

How do you calculate the odds of horse racing?

It depends on the horse that you place your bet on whether if it's a crowd favorite or a long shot in the odds. Also, it also depends on how much money you'd bet on the said horse.

What does horse racing odds 4.0 mean?

It means that the odds are 4 to 1 against winning. This would translate into a 20% chance of winning.

What are some tips for sky racing?

Sky racing is horse racing and some tips include following the odds of the specific horse, and looking for the best bets. The sky horse history and the owner's track record can also be useful tools for knowing where to bet one's money.

When is Flat horse racing?

Flat horse racing is when a horse is racing on a flat. a flat is a course without jumps. Flat horse racing is horse racing without jumps.

What does TAB mean in horse racing?

In horse racing in Australia and New Zealand, TAB is an acronym that stands for Totalisator Agency Board. Totalisator refers to the large tote boards that calculate and display the betting odds at racetracks.

What do the odds mean in Horse racing?

Traditionally odds is a measure of the likelihood OS something occurring. However in horse racing it measures what your payoff will be if your bet wins. Fractional odds are what most of us are familiar with. If a horse is quoted at 4/1 then for every dollar you bet you win four dollars. Decimal odds indicate what your payoff will be if your bet wins, including your bet. For example if a horse is quoted at 5.00 then you will be paid five dollars for every dollar bet. In decimal odds, a price of 5.00 is the same as the fractional odds of 4/1. Moneyline odds indicate what your payoff will be in relation to a $100 bet. For example if the odds are 4/1 then the moneyline odds will be displayed as $400. If the odds are 1/4 then the moneyline odds will be displayed as negative $400. Fractional odds 4/1 = Decimal odds 5.00 = Moneyline odds $400 Fractional odds 1/4 = Decimal odds 1.25 = Moneyline ofdds -$400

If the odds of a horse winning a horse race are 2 to 7 then the odds against that horse winning the race are?

If the odds of a horse winning a horse race are 2 to 7 then the odds against that horse winning the race are 7 to 2.

What does ML mean in horse racing?

ML stands for Morning Line. It mean the "line" or predicted odds for the horses in the race. Actual odds are determined by the amount actually bet on each horse. The track handicapper sets the morning line.

What are some good racing tips?

First look at the racing form and the odds of each race. Then read about the jockey that is riding the horse you our betting on. Both th odds and the Jockey's past races are the main knowledge needed. How many times did the horse win in the past and with each win who was the jockey riding the horse and is the jockey's weight less as the more weight the horse must carry the less chance of the horse winning first or second or even third place..

Can horse racing betting be profitable over the long run?

If you are a better handicapper then everyone else, then yes you can make money but the odds are against you.

How does one check the horse racing results for bets placed online?

There is the old way of checking the daily horse racing paper if one is unable to attend the race in person. There are also various website and services that provides you with the odds and results almost instantaneously.

With regards to horse racing what does the term 'lay betting' mean?

With regards to horse racing, 'lay betting' means to place a bet on a horse to lose, rather than to win. This, in many cases, would increase the odds of winning. However, care must be taken because if the horse in question wins, you have to pay out.

Where does Ladbrokes Horse Racing operate?

Ladbrokes Horse Racing is a popular horse racing venue. Ladbrokes Horse Racing operates in the United States, in the wonderful city that goes by the name of Harrow.

What sport is similar to Horse Racing?

Their is no other sport like Horse Racing. Dog racing, frog racing, baby crawl racing

What are some horse racing software's?

There are many different horse racing software's available, such as AceBots. AceBots offers customers a lot of choice on the way they bet, and is extremely easy to use.The latest software is Bettorbot, which can be used all over the world and focuses on playing automatic bets. Horse racing software is mainly used by the enthusiasts, and can essentially narrow the odds on horse races to increase profitability.

Are horse shoes used in horse racing?

Horse shoes are compulsory in horse racing. If a horse loses a shoe, it is pulled out of the race.

How do you play Arabian horse racing?

Arabian horse racing is played in much the same way as any other form of horse racing.

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