How do you explain how a book relates to today's society in a book report?

Here are opinions and answers from contributors:

  • It depends on the book and what society you're living in. Seriously though, look for any Cliff Notes on the book. (Usually found in school book stores.) This will give you the underlying meaning the author intended for the book, which should give you a good head start on applying it to society in general.
  • It's also worth searching the web for the book by author and title. This should lead you to various reviews and discussions of the book. You can also search for just the author online and you may find out more about his or her particular interests and concerns.
  • Well, you can start with a list of things they do in life: how they dress, type of transportation, attitudes they have toward other people, values, what they do for enjoyment, type of government (liberal or?)in the book and compare how you see your world today. If the author comments on any particular aspect, then there is a place to start.