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most women put "maternity leave"

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โˆ™ 2006-03-16 14:52:23
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Q: How do you explain that you left a job because you had a baby on a job application?
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What to write on job application when reason for leaving was a mutual agreement?

You need to write that you left because you no longer wanted to work for the company. As long as there are a mutual agreement, there is no reason to explain more about it.

Should you say the reason you left your last job was because you were injured on your application?


If you left a job that you had for years because you were burnt out how do you word that on a job application?

You could put on the application that you were looking to expand your knowledge and broden your experience.

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What should a theory should be able to explain?

i left my job to take care of my family and i had other issues but i dont wanto write all that on my application what shold i put down

What to put on an application that ask why you left a jobs?

Tell them Exactly Why You Left .

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