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You can extract contacts by exporting them. A CSV file is a database file that is formed. You could export that data in your Blackberry.

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2015-05-15 06:38:59
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Q: How do you export telephone contacts from Gmail to blackberry?
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How do you export contacts from Gmail to blackberry?

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How do you transfer contacts from Gmail to blackberry?

You have to create an external CSV file for that. After creating it transfer into the blackberry. You can then export contacts from that CSV/

How do you export Gmail contacts from computer to Gmail on iphone?

There is no need to import or export the contacts. The contacts will be automatically available if you are using the same username on both the devices.

Can contact list from Blackberry 8703 be transfered to Gmail?

Yes, contacts can be transferred from blackberry to Gmail. You have to create a CSV file in phone by exporting contacts. The CSV file can be extracted by gmail.

How do you export gmail contacts to Microsoft Word?

You can use the import/export wizard to import your contacts. You just open the wizard and choose the file that contains your contacts and choose to export it.

How do you import blackberry address book to Outlook Express?

There may be a way to do this with the Blackberry Desktop software but I do it this way: Create a Google gmail acount with your desktop computer containing your outlook address book. (You don't have to use it. It will be just to maintain the contact list) From Oulook Express choose File>Export>Address Book. Choose the .csv file option. Now log into gmail and go to Contacts. Click on Import and supply the directory and filename that you created above. Now all of your contacts are in gmail You can add or remove extraneous contacts manually using the gmail interface if you desire. Next go to and send the download link for Google Sync to your BlackBerry's phone number. Then just run a synchronization and all of your Outlook contacts will be in you blackberry. You can edit add or delete contacts in the gmail account and resync at any time. Your blackberry calendar will also sync with the gmail account too.

How can you make your phone contacts appear on my gmail account?

You have to export your contacts from phone. You can form a CSV file by exporting them. The CSV file can be imported in Gmail.

How do you export your list of Gmail contacts onto your hard drive?

1. Log in into your Gmail.2. Under trash there is a link called Contacts , just click it.3. In the new page you can see all of your contacts and also export them4. Click on the link : Export , in the top and right of the page5. There in Who do you want to export? select the one that you like6. In What format would you like to export to? select the best format that you need.7. Just click the button Export , gmail will prepare the list and will give you a download window that you can download your contacts by it you can also Import the contacts that is as easy as Export. Do you need any further information?Do not hesitate , Tell me! Thanks

Can one export archived emails and contacts in your GMail ID to Thunderbird?

Yes, it is possible.

How do you change your Gmail account?

You have to create a new Gmail account in order to change it. The Gmail account already cannot be changed. You can export the contacts and the mails in new one.

How do you export your Outlook contacts to your Gmail?

You cant You shouldn't answer you can't when you don't know the answer! Go to Outlook Contacts. Select all. Go into File, select Export. Export to a CSV file. Then import into Gmail. In Outlook 2007 the Export/Import feature does not appear under File. Right-click on Menu bar, go into Commands, select File, select Import and Export, click and drag Import and Export to top of screen into the Menu bar, and voila, it's there for you to use. Then import into Gmail. Only takes a minute for over 700 contacts, in my case.

How do you find your Gmail contacts?

You could find you Gmail contacts on the left. There is a list of Gmail contacts on the left pane. These contacts are the one who can be chatted with.

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