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How do you export your list of Gmail contacts onto your hard drive?

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1. Log in into your Gmail.

2. Under trash there is a link called Contacts , just click it.

3. In the new page you can see all of your contacts and also export them

4. Click on the link : Export , in the top and right of the page

5. There in Who do you want to export? select the one that you like

6. In What format would you like to export to? select the best format that you need.

7. Just click the button Export , gmail will prepare the list and will give you a download window that you can download your contacts by it you can also Import the contacts that is as easy as Export. Do you need any further information?

Do not hesitate , Tell me! Thanks

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Can i restore the deleted orkut account again?

It isn't possible to reactivate a deleted orkut profile; however, you can create a new one. The best solution for is, export your contacts to your Hard disk (in gmail contacts options or in orkut in friends options) and again import contacts and send them request after creating new account.

What are the benefits of using GMail Drive?

Gmail Drive is a freeware program that allows one to turn a gmail account into a cloud storage space. Each Gmail account allows for two gigabytes of storage, so one can extend one's hard drive space this way.

Are phone contacts stored on SD or SIM card?

Neither. They are stored on the external hard drive

How do you copy a pst folder on outlook to an external hard drive?

Using "Export" option, user can create a copy of the Outlook data PST file into another hard drive.Follow the given path to Export Outlook data:File >> Import and Export >> Export to a fileOutlook user can also export the Outlook PST data in various file formats such as CSV, PST TSV, MS-Excel etc.

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How hard is it to obtain and Gmail account?

It is very easy to obtain a gmail account. You need to simply go to gmail and put in a login and password.

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if you want to know if you can go from internal hard drive to external hard drive, then the answer is yes. you can purchase an internal hard drive and external hard drive

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a hard drive failure is when your hard drive stops working...

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Hard Disk Drive, Tape Drive

How do you burn files from Gmail on to a disk?

You have to first download the files from Gmail. You can put them anywhere on your hard disk. Then you can burn them to disk.

How do you slave a hard drive to work on another hard drive?

Most of hard drive have jumper settings. While jumper configuration is not required for SATA, it's necessary for EIDE, SCSI etc. Jumpers can be found next to to the power and data ports on the hard drive. Most manufactures will print next to each 2 contacts the configuration supported (Slace, Master etc). Please refer to "Sources and related links" below to find more information.

Is the ps3 hard drive same as the PC hard drive?

It is the same as a laptop hard drive

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No. IDE Hard Drive cannot be replaced with a Sata Hard Drive because the connectors are different. example. if you have sata hard drive installed on your machine. and you purchase IDE Hard drive. you won't be able to install the IDE hard drive where the Sata hard drive was because the IDE connectors are a different shape and size towards the Sata hard drive connectors.

If you have an existing hard drive and want to install a second hard drive and you want to keep the first drive bootable as the bootable drive how should you configure the second hard drive?

If the Hard drive is IDE (40 pins on the back) you would configure the primary hard drive as Master and secondary hard drive as Slave using the jumpers on the back of the hard drive.

How do you know if you have a 120gb hard drive for your xbox360?

A hard drive inserts into the top of your console. On the hard drive it tells you how much memory that hard drive contains.

How do you back up my hard drive?

You get another memory storage device, such as an external hard drive, and you copy everything on your hard drive onto the external hard drive, and keep it safe. That way, if your hard drive crashes, then you can take it out, and plug your external hard drive in, and work from that.

What does the computer hard drive do?

What does the computer hard drive do?

What is a hard drive jumper?

It upgrades your hard drive

If you save an email Attachment in both Outlook Express and Gmail - is your hard drive saving the file once or twice?

Outlook only serves to download files from your mail server onto your harddrive. Gmail has their own private servers. You will only be saving one copy of the email.

Is a peripheral device a hard drive?

An external hard drive is a peripheral device. An internal hard drive is a component.

Is a sata hard drive better than a ide hard drive?

Yes a sata hard drive is better the an ide hard drive because it has faster transfer speeds

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A portable hard drive is both of the following:a hard disk drive that is small enough to carry (portable)a hard disk drive that is external to a computer

What does hard drive stand for?

hard drive is a computer storage

What is the first hard drive in a computer?

Hard Drive E

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