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Fattening beef cattle depends on what diet you want them to fatten up on, their age, their breeding, average daily gain, rate of intake, and target weight you want to have them slaughtered. Grass-finished cattle take a month or so longer to fatten up than grain-finished cattle. But both types of finisher cattle should be on a high-energy, high-protein diet to gain weight quickly. For grassers this would be young, vegetative grasses that are almost at the stage of inflourescence but the long stems that haven't quite popped up yet. It will take about 6 months for the cattle to reach target weight. For grainers, a diet of 80 to 90% diet of grain is the common way (the feedlot way) to fatten cattle within a period of 3 to 4 months. However, if you wish you could finish your cattle on a 50-50 or 40-60 diet of grain and forage, respectively or vice versa, to get a stronger tasting, yet juicy steak.

British breeds fatten quicker than Continentals will. So starting British breed-type cattle when they are but 18 to 20 months of age on a high energy ration will get them to gain enough meat on them but not too much fat. Continentals genetically are built to be lean, so you could start them whenever you like, like right after they are weaned on a grain-based diet or a diet of 50% forage 50% grain to get them to gain weight. Continentals will finish at a heavier weight than British breeds will, so also bear that in mind when choosing which breeds to fatten up for your freezer. Crossbred calves that have British and Continental breeds in them can be started either way, but the British influence will have them still fatten quicker, so backgrounding them until they are 18 months old would be a wise decision.

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Q: How do you fatten your beef cattle?
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What are ranchers called that fatten young cattle?

Anything from beef producers, backgrounders, stockmen, to feedlot owners.

How is cattle fatten using harmonie?

They aren't. Harmonies don't make cattle fatter nor fatten them up.

What are good ways to fatten your beef cattle?

Hormones are used on cattle to ensure they fatten up, grow quickly, produce higher yields of milk and produce high financial gains. Hormones used to fatten beef cattle and their availability are synthetic and natural hormones that ensure cattle has a high turn over rate, i.e. they are quickly slaughtered and replaced with new fast growing/fattened cattle. Natural hormones include the hormones estradiol benzoate progesterone or testosterone. The availability of such implants can be found at your local farm and ranch store, or can be purchased from your local large animal veterinarian.

What kind of hormones are used to fatten beef cattle and their availability?

The hormones used to fatten beef cattle really depend on the company who makes them and the gender of the cattle you are wanting to use them on. Most people state that "growth hormones" are used to fatten beef cattle, but this really isn't the case. Here's a few of the common hormone implants used in fattening beef cattle and what they comprise of:Ralgro: contains ZeranolRevalor: contains Trenbolone acetate and EstradiolSynovex C and Snyovex S: Progesterone and Estradiol benzoateSynovex H: Testosterone propionate and Estradiol benzoateNote that none of these implants contain any form of growth hormone or rBGH.The availability of such implants can be found at your local farm and ranch store, or can be purchased from your local large animal veterinarian.See the related links below for more information.

What is the purpose of a beef cattle?

The purpose of beef cattle is to produce beef.

What are beef cattle considered as?

Cattle raised for beef.

What is a beef cattle farm?

It is a farm where beef cattle are raised.

Are beef cattle female?

Beef cattle can be male or female.

What leguminous crops can fatten beef cattle?

Basically any crop that has a high protein value (almost all leguminous crops do) examples are beans, alfalfa, clover, and soy.

What is cattle farming called?

If they are dairy cows, then its called dairy farming. If they are for beef, then its called "beef farming" or, with extensive operations, "ranching," especially in the USA and Canada. Cattle raised on an operation where the main purpose is to fatten them up in preparation for slaughter are raised on a feedlot; the name for the way cattle are fattened up in the feedlot is called "finishing" or "fattening."

Where is beef grown?

On cattle. Beef is the muscles of cattle, and is removed when the cattle are killed for meat.

What are beef cattle?

Cattle that are bred and raised primarily for beef production.

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