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My house gecko only eats cockroaches. He likes to catch the cockroaches himself. When he is done hunting he goes back in his habitat for a drink of water. I live in a large multi-unit building, with a bug problem. That's why I got the gecko in the first place. Since the first week I had him I don't see bugs very often. He's fat too. If I drop a cricket in his habitat or even a roach, he won't take it because he's full from hunting.

A house gecko is an insectivore and will enjoy a variety of live feeders gutloaded and coated in calcium.

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Q: How do you feed a House Gecko?
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What should you feed your gecko?

you should feed your gecko insects such as:cricketsmealwormslocustsbut not beef, veggies

What do you feed a Gecko on Millsberry?

You can feed it a jar of flies :)

Can you feed your gecko mosquitos?


How do you gain weight for tokay gecko?

feed your gecko amino mass

How many mealworms to feed a leopard gecko?

well personally i like to feed my leopard gecko about a dozen in the feed bowl and preferably do this in the morning so that they can spread there feed throughout the day.

How do you care for a crested gecko?

feed it

Can you feed your golden gecko a turtle?


Can a baby leopard gecko eat a pinky?

Hi! Do NOT feed the baby gecko pinkys! this can cause them to suffocate.. The gecko needs its shoulders to be larger then the stomach width of the pinky in order to feed it to them.

What kills a house gecko?

Why would you want to? Geckos feed on especially insects, and all species aid in capturing their prey. Would you rather have the insects or the gecko? Catch and release is probably the most humane way to rid your house of geckos.

What does a house gecko look like?

A house Gecko looks like the typical small lizard. Please check the related link for a picture of a house gecko.

Can you force feed a gecko?

No you cannot force feed any animal.

What would happened if you don't feed gecko in 1 day?

it WILL die and you will be a gecko killer!

Can you over feed your leopard gecko?

yes you can overfeed your leopard gecko

How much day gecko food do you feed a crested gecko?

You do not feed your crested gecko Day gecko diet. The diet your speaking of Is produced by Repashy or T-Rexx, both of these manufacturer's create a Meal replacement powder designed specifically for crested geckos. Crested gecko diet.

What food can a house gecko eat besides bugs and how much does it coest at petco?

Sometimes, you can feed the house gecko some orange slices, or a piece of banana. make sure it is not too big for him to eat,it shouldn't be any larger than its head.

How do you feed a leopard gecko?

This depends on the size of the gecko. If you have a baby, you need to feed it pinhead crickets and as it grows, you get bigger crickets to feed it. Feed the animal by placing 3-7 crickets coated in calcium in the terrarium.

What do you do if a gecko wont eat?

force feed it

How often do you feed a gecko?

Every night.

Can you feed a marbled gecko locust?


If you are a vegetarian what should you feed a gecko?


Can you feed your leopard gecko night crawlers?


What time do you feed a leopard gecko?

I have personally had a leopard gecko and he preferred feeding in the morning to be honest.

What should you feed a leopard gecko?

silk worms and they have a good source of protein and other healthy things. Plus crickets smaller than your leopard geckos head and you can feed your leopard gecko Wax worms but it's not healthy to feed your gecko Wax worms daily they don't have a stable diet!!!!! Also if you are going to feed crickets to the leopard gecko it has to be a size as big as in between their eyes.

Can you feed you gecko yougart?

No. It needs a proper diet. An insectivore Gecko needs Insects and occasional pinky Mice.

What do you feed your crested gecko?

You can feed your crested gecko a variety of things such as: 1. Crickets 2. Meal worms 3. Baby Food 4. Smashed Bananas 5. Crested Gecko Diet So you should mix up the variety and you should have a beautiful and healthy crested gecko.