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How do you feed a baby duck?

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A baby duck needs its mother to feed it.With your hands it will only drink water. WhAT U do is buy duck feed........ you can also chop up vegies and fruit very thin... and they need water.

2008-03-27 23:52:39
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What to feed a baby duck?

you can feed a baby duck with bread and fish.

What kind of milk do you feed baby duck?

You don't...they get water and duck food.

What can you feed your baby duck and Rooster?

you should feed it some wheat and grain.

How does a mommy duck feed there baby duck?

They dont unlike baby birds ducklings can get there own food they just walk up to the food and eat it.

How often do you have to feed a baby duck once feathered?

6 billion times

What to feed baby ducks?

baby duck feed from a feed store.

How can you feed a duckling?

You can feed a duckling by sprinkling duck food designed for baby ducks on the ground and in the water where the duck is kept. Most ducklings will find the food very quickly.

What to feed newborn muscovy ducks?

You feed them baby duck pellets(crumbs) they will not eat 24 hours after hatching though. Hope this helped. :)

How does a duck deliver a baby duck?

A mother duck lays a fertilized egg to get a baby duck.

What a baby duck called?

A baby duck is a duckling.

How do you feed your duck on Duck Life?

actually, if you buy some in the store, feed it in the menu.

What is a baby duck called?

A baby duck is called a duckling.

What is a duck called when it is baby?

When a duck is a baby, it is called a duckling.

What is a baby name for a duck?

A baby duck name is duckling.

Name of a baby duck?

A baby duck is called a duckling.

If you touch a baby duck will the mother duck kill the baby duck?

no, this is a myth. but i advise u not to

What do you feed an adult duck?

Ducks will eat grains and alfalfa pellets. You can get duck feed at your local feed stores. They have a variety of mixes.

Tell me how to train a baby duck to follow me around?

You can be nice to the duck, and pet it, but NEVER EVER feed a duck bread, as it can't digest it, and it can be fatal. I assume you don't want you duck to die. Look Tempt it, really, with food or something it likes.

What do you feed your duck?


Can you feed a duck popcorn?


What is a female and baby duck called?

a baby duck is called a duckling/chick and a female duck is called a hen.

Can you let a baby duck play with a baby hamster?

No, the duck will eat hamsters.

What to feed a duck while she sits on her eggs?

You should not try to feed a duck or any other wild animal. The mother duck can take care of herself.

Do you feed a duck with a bottle?

No, you are supposed to feed ducks out of your hands.

How old is a boy duck when he can make baby?

Duck make baby at 6 p.m.