How do you feed a sugar glider baby food?

you don't. feed it a mixture of oat(from a plain breakfast cerial), sunflower seed, plain yogurt(for calcium, which is important and some fruit(like raisins, a little trail mix is good as long as there are no chocolate pieces) and the occational insect(crickets or superworms you can buy at your local pet store, they really like insects so don't give them too much) . aside from the insects make a mixture of the other stuff and you won't have to make him eat it, he'll gladly eat.

Actually, that is not what you feed them. Trail mix is no good for sugar gliders, and raisins are warned against (in fact, they're quite harmful). Sunflower seed should not be fed regularly, and oats are not needed.

There are many approved diets out there, and that is not one of them. You might try googling BML diet and HPW diet -- both are commonly used diets for sugar gliders.