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Simple! You bring your pet to either the cafe, food store or if you are lucky buy a cheap

mystery box for 50 coins. Sometimes it will give you donuts, milk, cheese, etc

yes that is the answer BUT there are very cheap foods in the back of the food shop.

also the way to feed your pet is buy the food (click on it in the shop , will come up do you want to buy this item or something) then go home click the item box in the right hand corner then drag the item to the pet and it will eat it

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To feed your petling, just drop the food above it. Seeing as you can't feed it unless its hungry

You can :win stadium racesvist your neighbours EVERY dayonly buy cheap food like applesclean your petclean your neighbours petfeed your petfeed your neighbours petplay with your petplay with your neighbours pets

in everyday i should feed my pet

You don't NEED to feed your pet.

visit your friends,race in the stadium,feed,clean or brush your friends

There are no jobs for you in pet society

After training a pet by playing a mini game in the Pet Hatchery it gives you the option to feed a snack to your pet, all you have to do is select the snack you want to feed it then press feed pet.

Hunters have a spell called "Feed Pet" that will feed their pet when it is clicked on then a food is clicked on. the food must be the appropriate level and type of food for the type of pet they have out at the moment.

apparantly you dont feed pet locusts any thing !

If it is fat feed it less, but if it is thin feed more.

how to upgrade my paw points in pet society

I don't think you can restart your pet society -_-

you have to go to the pet pavilion and put your pet in a game, then after the game you can feed a snack to your pet. I'm Alex Dragonthorn, add me!

you can delete your friend in pet society by unfriending her / him on facebook.

you buy them food at a pet store, you can also feed them nuts, fruits, and small veggies.

Well.. IF You Feed the Poison on the Pet... it will die and i think you it will turn to Zombie

I feed my pet goat dead flies covered in cranberry jam. They love it!

It is illegal to have a wallaby as a pet.

Feed it to your pet snake.

can you feed fish bread?

click them and look for feed pet

How do you level up in pet society?To level up in Pet Society you can visit your friends or earn trophys and awards and that will level you up.

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