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It's impossible to agree with everyone, all the time. Otherwise you wouldn't need your own mind. The best minds, however, remain open to learning, stay respectful, listen as well as share, then stick to what they believe is right. Proudly and respectfully.

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Q: How do you feel better about the fact that you don't get along or agree with your mother or father?
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Mother Teresa was raised by her mother and father along with a brother and sister. When her father died her mother raised her.

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No, she died along with Naruto's father.

Is it better to just get along for the baby?

Generally, yes. Children definitely benefit from having both a father and mother figure in their lives. However, if you can't get along, and spend every day screaming and fighting, that is not beneficial for the child's psychological development.

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I have a friend whose mother is Finnish and his father is Greek, so I'd guess they get along pretty well.

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The father of the goddess Hera was the Titan Kronos. Her mother was Rhea. When Hera was born, Kronos swallowed her. She was later spat out along with the rest of her siblings.

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His birth mother is Elizabeth Masen (who died in 1918 in the Spanish Influenza outbreak along with his father) and his adoptive vampire mother is Esme Cullen who is married to Carlisle Cullen, Edward's creator and adopted vampire father.

What if there is no court order of custody and father took child from mother?

If his name is on the birth certificate he is the legal parent along with the mother. If they have split up she can go to court and ask for custody.

How do you convince your dad to allow your family to move back to your home and continue to support us?

This is between your mother and father and there must be good reasons on their part why you are living where you are. You may not be happy where you are, but perhaps your father had no choice. If your mother and father don't get along and you wish your mother and the rest of the family could move back home then this is up to your mother and not the rest of you. If your mother is not involved and you are minors then your father, by law should be looking after you (which obviously he is) and therefore can't just let you live on your own from where you came from.

What reasons does brutus give to agree to the plot?

Brutus agrees to go along with the plot because he thinks that it will honestly be better for the Roman Republic.

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Capricorn woman and an Aries man?

If you ask an astrologer, they will probobly say no but my father is an Aries and my mother is a Capricorn and they get along very well.

Did Hitler have a close relationship with his dad?

No he did not. He was very close to his mother; his father was very strict and mean, and did not get along well with young Hitler.

Is the father and mother of the groom invited to the wedding rehearsal dinner?

Yes, the father and mother of the groom are invited to the wedding rehearsal dinner along with the maid of honor; bridesmaids; flower girl (if one) ring bearer (if one); best man and ushers.

Is a wife responsible for husband children from a previous marriage?

Not if the mother is in the childern's lives. If you married the father then the children cme along too, you are now the step-mother and have to take that responsibility if it is given to you.

What is a brother who has the same mother and a different father but was adopted by your father?

He is still technically your half-brother. But if you get along well, why would it ever matter? It is much easier not to differentiate and to call him your brother

How did Anne Frank and her family get along in the secret annex?

They got along well because they did not have much but each other. Periodically, people would break the law and sneak meals to the family. She got along better with her father than her mother but they didn't fight a lot. Towards the end of the war (1944), they were caught and sent to concentration camps separated from each other. Only Anne's father Otto survived, and later published her diary.

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Agree; go along with

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