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How do you feel better after being dumped?

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Time. I know that it sounds stupid and does not help right now, but time will help you to heal. Good luck and God Bless:) Most of the time it's just a matter of having a "life" that doesn't include your X. Go out and meet people. Do something that has no goal toward getting into another relationship. Just have fun. Go out with friends and don't let anyone know that you are feeling sorry for yourself. It turns out that if you ACT like you're having a good time, you actually start to have a good time. If you do things with friends and ACT like you aren't bothered by being dumped, you'll actually start to feel better. But the converse is true as well. If you sit around and feel sorry for yourself, you'll feel worse. If you keep thinking about what happened, you'll continue to feel sorry for yourself. You'll have plenty of time to think about what happened, just don't dwell on it.

2006-08-06 03:46:35
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Q: How do you feel better after being dumped?
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How does your ex feel when he sees you with someone else?

well if he dumped you, then he won't mind, but if you dumped him, then he wouldn't feel too good about it.

How do you ask someone out who just got dumped?

Take it slowly and don't rush. Comfort her, make her feel better. It works!

I can't handle Being dumped after 30 years?

You can handle it. You are just miserable. It gets better. You will be fine.

Are beaches better than pools?

The Pool is of course. You can relax without getting dumped or being between the flags!

How does rocks look after being dumped by a glacier?

after being all dumped out, the rocks might have deep scratches and marks.

What is the phobia of being dumped?


'how to get confidence back after being in a long term relationship?

Remeber that if he dumped you, he's missing out. And if you dumped him, give yourself sometime, see how you feel about other people, and dont try and jump into a relationship for rebound sake or to make him jealous.

What do you do if your friend got dumped?

You have to be on their side and be there for them no matter what time of the day it is.. try to make her feel better about her self.. going out and having fun would totally make her feel that it is not the end of the world is that certain someone is not there..

How can you feel better?

by being an active participant in the socail atmosphere :)

What makes you feel better when you are sick?

Not being sick anymore.

What do you do when you have been dumped?

Nothing if i got dumped a girl) i would want to make him feel jealous. When i had a boyfriend once he dumped me I cried a little and my best friends helped me get through this. I realized I spent to much time with my boyfriend that I needed time to spent with my friends. We had a better time. You just have to keep your lives going when you have a breakup. * ** *** **** ***** I agree **** *** ** *

Who dumped Britney Spears?

The only well-know incidence of Britney Spears being dumped was in early 2002. Justin Timberlake dumped her after she allegedly cheated on him.

How does a brunette feel when their boyfriend rejects them for a blonde. Would you feel better at all if they rejected you to for another brunette?

No. Hair color just comes from a bottle and anyone can be what color they want. There is no difference between a brunette and a blond apart from the hair color. Same goes for eyes. It's not like women sit at home going "Oh no, he dumped me for someone with gray eyes and mines are blue!". It's being dumped that hurts, not that she has another colors.

What does it mean when you dream about being dumped?

You're insecure.

How does being a christian affect their life in a bad way?

it makes them feel better and makes them a better person

5 Benefits of being physically fit?

look better. feel better. nasty food. tired as heck. better sex ;)

Is there such thing as a Broken Heart or is it angxity that makes you feel sad.... how do you get over it?

well a broken heart is an expression and you can get over it by not thinking about that person who dumped you or who you dumped

How do you make the guy you dumped feel better?

I guess you could try to be his friend, but that might cause some mixed-up feelings. Try helping him meet another girl, maybe?

What do you say to a girl if she cries when you break up with her?

That she'll meet someone better for her than you and that she is a lovely girl but just not the one for you.You have to be careful what you say to someone who is hurting. You never make them feel as if they are nothing and that they are being dumped like trash. It is better to be honest and say that things were not working because you were always fighting etc so it is time to move on.

What is the past perfect tense of dump?

The past perfect tense of "dump" is "had dumped".I had dumpedWe had dumpedYou had dumpedHe/she had dumpedThey had dumped

What is moments by one direction really about?

Basically, it's about someone getting dumped and falling apart, because that person that dumped him/her was his/her reason to be. (Your typical 'being dumped by the person you can't live without'- song)

Should you ask a girl out the day after she dumped her boyfriend?

If you really liked the girl, you should NOT ask her out just after her boyfriend dumped her. If you really wanna go out with her, then just start off being her friend, then eventually, she might start to feel the same way about you. Just give her time. I hope this helped. :)

What if your best friend slept with a guy for the first time a week later he dumped her and she told you should you console her or lecture her for not remaining pure?

That is not your responsibility to tell her what she did was wrong. Console her and make her feel better but no matter what she tells you, don't make her feel any worse.

What are some Advantages of being a musician?

Being a musician makes you feel like you are accomplishing something as your musical skills get better.

How do you get over being dumped when you see him everyday?

flirt with anthor guy