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Q: How do you feel like someone is kissing you if you are a minor?
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Is kissing someone you love different then kissing someone you like?

yes, kissing someone that you love is different to kissing someone that you like by the way that you don't feel the same way when you kiss someone that you like because you don't have that spark of enjoyment or passion so i hope that this answers your question.

When is the right time to start kissing?

if you feel like you really love someone, and this someone really loved you and cared about you.

How do you write a conversation after kissing someone when you are in a relationship already?

you feel like you want to do it over and over but you don't tell him that you like somebody else

How does kissing feel?

Like your insides are exploding!

What are you supposed to feel when you are kissed?

When you kiss someone for the first time, you feel butterflies in your stomach, and you loose your breath, but it depends how much you like them :))) hope your first kiss turns out magical just like mine did :)))) bye! have fun! but not too much!

Do you love salena Gomez?

yeah i feel like kissing her

How do you attract any one to kiss you?

You do not have the right idea if you want just anyone to kiss you. It should be someone who you like and someone who likes you. If it isn't -if you settle for 'anyone'- you'd probably feel like you were kissing a stranger!

How do you know if someone likes kissing you?

Ask them if they like kissing you and they should tell you straight forward.

What is is mean if you like kissing someone?

you either like them or you just like their kisses

Is blowing up a balloon after someone else has like kissing them?

No. Kissing em is more fun XD

How does it feel when kissing?

It feels like a bunch of tiny, slimy worms in your mouth. (But it feels surprisingly it feels good to most people)

How do you feel like your kissing?

I have never kissed before but reading from other people they say you feel shockwaves through your whole body and you can't move ( first kiss) if it is with someone you like for a very long time it should be very great and special. But if you are drunk are just kissing it won't have the same affect I reckon. ~Niki