How do you fight an unfair property lien?

I suspect you mean is what you feel is an unfair property tax assessment that is now a lien against the property.

Generally, all areas work similarly, and the amount of either a real or personal property assessment is provided to you buy mail and public notice, and you have a certain period of time to protest to the assessing jurisdiction (tax assessor), or it becomes final and is used to determine the tax on the property, that the tax collector must collect, using all available means. that normally simply means sending a bill. The laws are written that you cannot protest the bill/assessment amount after that period. No one even has the authority to hear or act on the complaint.

However, you can protest it the nest year, when you receive the notice of assessed value. Its actually pretty simple in most places, with the first few steps being fairly informal. Meet with the assessor, explain why the assessment was wrong...pointing out things like he didn';t consider that your property is smaller than the others, your house doesn't have a basement and most of the others do, etc. But understand, you must show that your property is appraised unfairly in comparison to the others in the has nothing to do with how much tax you pay or your ability to pay it. That you protest in elections and political campaigns and community involvement. And of course, if you mean some creditor has gotten the right to lien your property for a debt you haven't paid, or apparently responded to notices about them acting to enforce...well...better get a lawyer to prove the lien action is it seems someone showed the court there is a debt (these liens just don't happen without someone proving a justification)...and you ain't paying it. Again, your failure to respond previously is an obstacle to overcome.