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How do you fight and win?

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You walk away. Preferably before the fight, but walking away is the


There are many types of schools that will teach you martial

skills that can help win a fight. But no single way is a guarantee.

A novice thug can get a good punch in and take out even the most

skilled martial artist. No style or school can make you invincible.

You can get close.

More Information

First you must assess the situation to make sure your chances of

winning the fight are good. It is always better to avoid a fight,

but turning your back can be fatal. The truth is, when you

need to fight, you need to know how to fight well. Fighting

multiple opponents is difficult, especially if you fight mainly

with your hands. (If your form is with kicks, especially spinning,

it easier to keep aggressors back and control the fight.) If the

aggressor has a weapon, it will also increase risk factors. So be

smart and don't fight unless you have to.

Now, assuming you are on a level playing field. Say in the

parking lot of your favorite drinkin' hole. ALWAYS Be prepared for

him to hit you, even if it's not yet physical. Observing your

surroundings is one of the greatest keys to being a good martial

artist. If Your enemy approaches you, you must be observant of

their behavior, and contemplate the risk levels. Never be afraid,

and if you are; don't show it. Conquer your own fear and you have

won the battle.

If you would rather not fight, tell the person that and hold

your weak arm strait out in front of you as to establish a boundary

between you and him. Many times telling a person you don't want to

fight them can calm them down considerably. If that works out,

& the fight is averted then you're good because you're

guaranteed not to hurt. If the person does not stop coming towards

you hold your ground(backing down can give them confidence &

they will probably continue their assault, especially if

intoxicated). Increase the volume and seriousness, and repeat that

you do not want to fight. At this point you need to be prepared to

defend yourself. Don't try to grab the other person unless you

outweigh them considerably(like 240 vs. 125). Even then try too

avoid going to the ground at all costs. The ground is the most

dangerous place to be when fighting. Rocks, broken glass, steel

toed boots to the mouth. They all lie waiting for you on the

ground. If it does turn into a grappling fight, keep your legs back

& your weight forward. If someone grabs you a technique I've

personally found to be effective is to push them hard enough so

that they reel back & you can lift a a foot off the ground

without getting pushed onto the ground yourself. Then as they come

at you again, kick them in the knee(of the leg they have their

weight on) as hard as you can as you take a quick jump back. If you

kick them hard enough they should fall forward with their momentum.

Then it's time to pounce. Get on top of them and hit them in the

back of the head until they submit or quit twitching. Note; If they

do fall on their stomach, it is very effective to stomp their hands

when they try to get back up. Then even when the do get up they

won't be able to swing fists to hurt you without hurting themselves

as well. Other then that do what you must. Only be "fair" if you

can win by being fair. If you are losing and they won't get off you

go for the groin, eyes, any place you know that you can injure

them. A very painful, often overlooked target is the collar bone.

Force your three strong fingers behind the collar bone, in front of

the muscle connecting the neck to the shoulder, curl them towards

the heel of your hand, and squeeze as hard as you can(Try it on

yourself, and you'll find out why I felt it deserves mention here).

If you have strong forearms you should be able to inflict enough

pain to make them do whatever you want them to.

Another View point

As a Tae Kwon Doe martial artist, I don't agree with a lot of

the above, but it would be wrong for me to remove all of it. One

thing that you should remember in most fights with street thugs is

'push-pull'. They push, you pull, they will lose balance and you

will have control of a fight. At this point you have a choice

whether to hurt somebody or just take them down. (You would just

take them down in the case of a drunken friend, but I wouldn't be

so friendly to a random aggressor.)

Basically to better your chances in a 'two men squaring up to

throw punches' type fight. Stay back and play defense at the start

of the fight. That doesn't mean you shouldn't hit him. Just don't

go after him. Let him bring the fight to you. you are a lot more

sure footed standing there than he is coming towards you which can

give you valuable leverage & stability. This also serves

another function. If you can block most of his punches for a couple

minutes, odds are he will be getting pretty tired. I mean, the

guy's probably not a prize fighter or anything. And even they pant

like a puppy dog after three minutes of swinging. Just wait for him

to come at you, block his attacks, try to hit him only if you know

you can connect well, then back up set up and wait for him to come

at you again. Repeat until he can barely lift his arms. Then come

in with a flurry of good, solid punches. It shouldn't be long

before they give up.

Please don't use these to go pick fights. People who pick fights

are jerks. Nobody likes them, and they will never have friends to

save them when they pick a fight they can't handle. I feel it's

best to avoid fights, but I also feel people should know how to

defend themselves. So they can "Slap the s#!t" out of the

aforementioned fight pickers. Then maybe they will learn not to

pick fights with people, and the world will be a little nicer.

In the simplest terms to win a fight you have to either cause

your opponent more physical damage rendering them unable to

continue fighting, or by making the opponent think they are losing

the fight by showing no weakness so that they back down. The best

target areas to achieve a victory are the nose, eyes, chest and

throat. The first two causing loss of sight and dizziness, the

second two causing lack of breath and energy. the quickest way to

win a fight is to punch someone in the nose, chin then throat. this

combination of blows will render the opponent breathless, blind

sighted and dizzy.

I agree that its better to not fight in the first place..if

anything because of the legal ramifacations. But if you must...then

fight hard. Dont be afraid to let your hands go alot. Learn good

footwork from western boxing like slipping and ducking punches and

be careful of hurting yourself in the process like breaking your

own wrists from a punch. Learn some kind of ground game like BJJ or

judo to counter wrestlers and if you really need to get literal

with someone..poke the eyes...or the classic groin kick/punch.

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