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Consult your doctor. I have the same problem with irregular periods. Come back with an answer because I would like to know too. I dont think there is a way to tell exactly. when i was pregnant with my son i had irregular periods and the doctors had to change my due date 4 times and they still guesses it wrong. i had an interesting time with my husband because of the issue also, they guessed days that he was not home but at 4 years old he cant deny him... they could have been twins. lol!!!

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โˆ™ 2007-09-04 23:52:45
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Q: How do you figure a conception date when a person has irregular periods?
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If a person has irregular periods but found out they were pregnant 6 weeks ago using a home urine pregnancy test and is sure they found out straight way how many weeks pregnant would that make her?

between 6-10 weeks. It would hard to say because of the irregular periods.

What is an adjective for irregular?

"Irregular" is an adjective. It can also be a noun, meaning a thing or person that is irregular.

Is person an irregular verb?

No, "person" is not a verb at all --- it's a noun. However, verbs can occur in various personal forms, and person in verbs can be irregular. For instance, the third person forms of the verb "be" are irregular "is/was/are/were".

Is it normal two have two periods in one month two months in a row?

if you are a very irregular person. its happened to me..... its probably happened to everyone. if your concerned see your GP.

What is the irregular plural for person?

The irregular plural form for person is people. Another plural form is persons.

Is it possible for a person with irregular periods to get a positive pregnancy test if she takes it a month after her last period and 10 days after unprotected sex?

10 days does not seem very long, it could happen, but it normally takes until the start of your next period - so about 14 days after ovulation and conception.. Take another test and if it is still positive, then go and see a doctor. Good luck!

Can a person have irregular bleeding or two periods after missing 3 days of birth control pills and after having unprotected sex 2 weeks earlier?

You wouldn't have 2 periods no, but you would have one period. As for the second period you might be pregnant. See your Doctor for a blood test.

What is the future perect third person conjugation for the irregular verb become?

what is the correct past perfect third person conjugation for the irregular verb shrink

What are some sings or symptoms that a person is entering menopause?

The most common sign is irregular periods. Other signs of menopause are those that occur with falling estrogen levels. This includes mood swings and hot flashes.

When are periods?

Periods are about a month, or every 28 days. It really depends on the person.

What happens when a person is in shock?

Their heart beats become irregular

Is it normal for a 5 year old to have irregular heart beat?

No, an irregular heartbeat in a person of any age should be reported to a Doctor.

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