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How do you figure how many watts an amplifier is?

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WattsI don't exactly know but this may help....if the amp has only 4 inputs (2negative, 2positive) then it will be 300w (around that mark)...if there is 4 negative and 4 positive for 4 speakers then it is likely to be around 1000w WRONG ANSWERThat is not even close. The best way to find out how many watts and amp is is to look at the specifications. If you know the make and model of the amp, look it up on the internet. The amount of "inputs" (which are really outputs) has nothing to do with the power. In fact, the most powerul amps have one channel.
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How many watts does a alpine 3513 amplifier have?

2x20 Watts

2004 Chevrolet Impala stock Amplifier how many watts does it have?

how many watts does he amp have in a 2005 chevy impala

How loud does a monster amplifier get?

A monster amplifier is about 500 watts, which means the amplifier is louder than most.

How many watts will be loud in a car amplifier?

100 watts is great, 150 watts may be too loud for some, and there is higher watt amplifiers made.

What is an ideal size for a car amplifier?

The ideal size amplifier for a car is between 80 and 100 watts, otherwise if the consumer wanted more sound or more amps the amplifier must be larger watts capacity.

What does an amplifier with 600 watts 2 channel means?

It could be a 2 channel stereo amplifier.

What speakers match a 300 watt 4 channel amplifier?

The ratings for the speakers will depend upon what '300 watts' means. If the amplifier develops 300 watts RMS total across 4 channels, this would indicate 75 watts RMS per channel. Speakers rated at 100 watts should suffice for this amplifier.

If you have two 1400 watt subwoofers that have a 700 watt RMS should you get an amplifier that has the watts of both of the subwoofers together 2800 or should you get an amplifier with only 1400 watts?

get the 2800

How many watts does an electric drill use?

To figure that out you need to know the Amperage that it draws and what the voltage of the circuit is that you're using. Once you know that you can figure out how many watts it uses by doing simple math. Voltage x Amperage = Watts

What is the power of a 1994 infinity gold amplifier?

50 watts

How many watts is alpine v12 mrv-f505 amplifier?

The Alpine v12 MRV-F505 amplifier puts out up to 200 watts of RMS power at 4 Ohms and using 12 volts. At 14 volts, it puts out up to 400 watts of RMS power with a bridged 4 Ohms ratio.

How much watts does a Yamaha ypa-720 amplifier have?

105 watts chann @ 8 ohm speakers

How many watt amplifier will power two 15 inch speakers?

50 watts is a good amplifier size for use in the house. For other applications speakers usually have a power rating.

How many watts does the behringer xenyx 802 have?

Xenyx 802 is not a powered mixer, you need a separate amplifier with it to drive the speakers

How do you figure out how many watts are in a microwave?

There should a a label on the back of the microwave. If it does not list watts, but DOES list the amps, then multiply amps (or amperage) times the volts. The answer is wattage (or watts).

How many wats is the Kicker 08ZX3504 4-Channel Car Amplifier?

90 watts X 4 channel output

What size capacitor you need for a 1000 watts amplifier?

1 farad capacitor

What is the wattage of the 1986 Fisher Amplifier CA-871?

470 watts

Yes you can bridge this amplifier to a 2 channel at 4 ohm per channel for 200 watts out of each channel.?

Yes you can bridge this amplifier to a 2 channel at 4 ohm per channel for 200 watts out of each channel.

How many amps does a 12volt 1500 watt car amplifier draw?

volts x amps = watts so 1500watts/12.8volts=117amps

900 amps is equal to how many watts?

It depends on the voltage of the system. Once you determine the voltage, the formula to figure out the amperage is: Amps = Watts / Volts

What is 50 watt hi fi amplifier?

This would be an audio amplifier which can produce 50 watts of power in each of its channels (hi fi, or high fidelity, was typically one or two). Measuring 50 watts, though, is tricky, as the way audio watts have been counted has changed over the years.

Will a 10w amplifier be all right with 180w speakers and are there any risks?

A: No speakers are not at risk. what it maybe a risk is the amplifier if it try to drive 180 watts load. but as long as you keep the level at 10 watts output it should work fine

How do you figure watts from horsepower?

The conversion factor is 746.27: hp x 746.27 = watts

Formula to figure out amps when you have watts and volts?

Amps = Watts divided by Volts. Volts = Watts divided by Amps. Watts = Volts times Amps.