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Value of assets in place = Value of investment in existing assets + Net present value of assets in place

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Q: How do you figure out the value of assets in place?
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What is the value of the figure 7 in the number 5768?

It is in the hundreds' place so its value is 700.

How do you determine assets when given liabilities?

assets are equal to liabilities (if you exclude capital, if however you are given the capital figure you have two options 1, add it to the liabilities figure OR 2, subtract it from the assets figure)

What is the value of the figure 8 in 8576?

Its positional place value is 8,000 = eight thousand

Why do assets lose value?

Some assets lose its value like plant and machinery as they lose its power and they are known as fixed assets

What digit in 12.34 has the same place value as the 6 in 5.678?

The ' 3 ' has. You don't even need to know what "place value" is to figure that out.

How do you figure your net worth?

To figure out your net worth, you would add up the value of all your assets and subtract the value of all your debts. In other words, your net worth is the difference between what you have and what you owe. If you sold all your assets and paid off all your debts with the proceeds, your net worth would be how much money you have left over.

In a common size balance sheet the 100 percent figure is?

the total assets figure

What is the net value of fixed assets called?


Do roman numerals use place value?

Yes and unlike the Hindu-Arabic numeral system a nought figure is not required for place value purposes because the place value of Roman numerals are self evident.

Why do assets depreciate in value?

the assets will loose their assets vavues because of wear and tear use of goods

Is place value used in the roman system?

Yes and a nought figure is not needed to represent the positional place value of Roman numerals because their positional place values are self evident.

3 factors that cause loss in value of tangible assets?

Which two factors cause the loss in value of tangible assets

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