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Fabric sofas come in a variety of styles, sizes, and prices. Ikea sells fabric sofas for as low as $300 while stores such as Wayfair sells fabric sofas for over $2500.

There are many sizes of calculator.

There is no definitive weight for a mosque. There are many mosques of different sizes.

to convert a pattern that calls for stretch knits only to use a woven fabric increase the pattern 2 sizes.

Diamonds do not always have the same weight; they come in many different sizes.

Glasses come in all sorts of shapes and sizes: there is no standard weight.

Size:100-200ft. Weight:2,000-5,000 this is a close guess

Well it depends on the sizes. Maybe a headband if nothing else?

The weight varies as their sizes vary.

Players of all sizes play the game

One yard of fabric is 36 inches. Bolts come in two sizes: 44 inches, and 54 inches. If you need a piece of fabric that is 29 inches x 53 inches, you'll need 29 inches of fabric, or 7/8 of a yard.

A figure that has both same size and shape is congruent.

Yes but it has a pair of equal interior angles of different sizes

It is known as a Maquette. You can buy them at most art supply stores in assorted styles and sizes.

Onions come in many types and sizes. Weight can be anything from 2 ounces to 16 ounces.

Well, you have to give us a figure, -there are dozens of sizes.

Yes, all you need to do is figure out what kind of a vehicle you have, then do searches on what tires this have a minimum required size of. Then figure out where you can go to buy them.

Scoops come in all sorts of sizes and they will each have a different weight.

Actually they come in different sizes, and therefore, weights.

Sizes, weight ratings, ratios, posi/non posi, ........

They are usually priced very differently. Since petite sizes require far less fabric to make the clothes, they tend to be cheaper than the plus sizes.

In order to determine the weight of a rock, you would have to know the size of the rock. There are millions of rocks in millions of sizes so there is no set weight for rocks.

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