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whatever fits best.

2006-07-26 21:46:04
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Can you still be pregnant if he uses a condom and the condom was used right and he came in the condom?


How does one remove a condom that slipped off?

We are trying to figure that out!!!!!

Is there a right and wrong way of putting a condom on?


If condom is hanging out of you and your ovulating and he finished could you be pregnant?

Yes because the condom failed/was not applied right.

Can you get pregnant if the man puts the condom on right?

Hopefully, not.

If you throw the condom in the toilet can you still take it out and insert the semen can you still get pregnant?

No. Once the semen enters the condom, the stuff they put in the condom kills the semen right away.

What are the chances of pregnancy if i touched the head of the condom with the penis then put it on the right way?

There is a chance, you should have used a new condom.

What are the chances of getting pregnant if you've used a condom every time?

Condom are considered to be 90% to 97% effective (depending on who you talk to). So even with proper condom use you have a 3% to 10% chance of getting pregnant. Most sources favor the 97% figure.

How do you put on a condom the right way?

First, you open the foil. the next step is checking for damages in the condom. If no damage is found on th condom, take it, put it on the tip of your penis, and roll the condom down the shaft, and pull the tip up just a bit for room so the condom can do it's job properly.

Can a balloon be substituted for a condom if you just want the feel of a condom?

Yes if you can find one aproximately the right sise and shape. However the quality in the latex used in balloons leaves a lot to be desired compared to that of a condom. in other words dont rely on a balloon condom.

Can the condom have a big hole if the man can urinate right through the hole?


What happens if he leaves the condom in you?

You need to go to the Hospital right away.

How are condoms put on the right way?

well first you tear open the package and then you pull the condom out and then you place the condom on the penis then roll down the condom make sure you do this before sex always be safe and enjoy

Can a condom come off during sex?

Yes it can. If the condom is too little or too big. It's important you try out so you get the right size.

What are the statistical odds of getting a girl pregnant when using a condom along with pulling out right before ejaculation and doing it into the condom?

I would say 0.1%

Her husband was an important figure in his own right?

Yes, her husband was an important figure in his own right.

Is it possible to get pregnant if the condom doesnt break?

Yes... you are pregnant right now

If you have a figure and translates the figure diagonally to the right will the figure change shape?

no it shouldn't change the shape because translate means to move it right?

If a condom has a pin hole right on the end can you tie a knot in it like you tie a knot to keep air in a balloon?

No. You should throw it away and use a new condom.

How likely is it that a girl will become pregnant if the guy finished inside her and the condom was ripped?

The possibility is high. Try using a latex condom. the non-latex sometimes break easy. After you ejaculate you should hold on to the condom until you pull out, so the sperm doesn't leak out of the condom. Also, you should use Vaginal Contraceptive Foam with a condom as a back up. Or some condoms have spermicide in them. Ovulatin usually is 12 to 16 days before the period.AnswerIts possible but there has to be eggs to fertilize, so figure out if she was ovulating. You can get an ovulation test or try to figure it on your own. A girl ovulates with in 10/14 days after the first day of her last period.

Can you get pregnant right after you end your period even though the guy used a condom but ejaculated inside the condom and kept going?

If the condom did not break, then I highly doubt you'd get pregnant. There is always a small chance though, although it's very tiny.

Can i use lip balm as a lubricant on the condom?

Better not. Some lotions and creams can weaken the thin rubber of the condom very quickly. If you want the full benefit of using condoms, use them right. Get a proper, water-based, "condom-approved" lube.

What is a right prism?

a solid figure that has a right angle

What are the chances of a girl getting pregnant right after her peirod?

A lot less if you use a condom.

How do you figure out a leg in a right triangle?

adjacent to the right angle