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380 people invited and 351 coming

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Q: How do you figure percentage of people coming to wedding?
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What percentage of people use wedding planners?

1/3 of all brides in the us hire a wedding planner

What percentage of invited guests usually attend a wedding?

* Three quarters or more will generally attend the wedding and if there are out of town guests and the time of year just over half of those guests will attend. By receiving your RSVP from your wedding invitation you should know how many guests are coming. If you do not hear from certain people then phone or email them to ask if they are coming even though this is poor etiquette on the part of guests that do not reply.

What do people often customize wedding cards with?

People usually customize wedding cards with, names, and save the dates. Wedding cards are usually printed on a computer, not hand written. People also usually have box's for people to check off on whether they are coming or not.

How long before a wedding should you return a wedding RSVP?

You should return your RSVP as soon as possible so that the people will know who's coming and who's not.

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Meaning of drinking wine in wedding?

Drinking wine has long been a custom of celebration. A wedding is no different. People drink to celebrate the coming together of the bride and groom.

Is it appropriate to contact people who have not answered the RSVP to a wedding and ask if they are coming?

No it certainly is not inappropriate to contact people who have not RSVP'd the bride and groom to let them know if they are coming to the wedding and it is the guests that were invited and did not reply that are extremely rude with poor etiquette. The bride has to know how many people are coming because at most weddings when dinner is served at the reception the cost is generally by the plate (meaning one plate per guest.) Contact each person that did not reply as some people who lack etiquette assume the bride or groom would know they would be coming to the wedding.

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How do I find Newspaper wedding annoucements from 1998 in rockdale co ga?

* Go to your local library and tell the librarian what you are looking for and you can go through the old newspapers where the up coming wedding may have been announced. Not all people announce their up coming wedding through the newspaper and if you have no luck there then try the court house.

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