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You don't file a judgment you file a lawsuit against a company. A judgment is what you get if you win the legal battle.

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Q: How do you file a judgment against a company?
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Related questions

Can an auto insurance company file a lien against your home for auto damages?

Yes--but only if they have a court judgment against you. In that case, they would have what is called a judgment lien.

Can a credit card company file a judgment lien against your house if there is no equity in the property?


Can a credit card company put a lien against your property in North Carolina?

Yes, if they file suit and receive a judgment the creditor can execute the judgment as a lien against the debtor's property.

Can you file bankruptcy on a fraud judgment?

If there is a judgment AGAINST you for fraud, then NO, such a judgment WILL NOT be discharged.

How do you file a claim or lien against a company who did not pay the account payables?

You can't just file a valid lien against a company. You have to have a statutory right to a lien on specific property. Therefore, unless you made improvements to their real estate, or did work on their vehicle, or are their attorney, or provided medical services, the only way you can claim a valid lien is to first sue the company and obtain a judgment. Then the judgment can be a lien against the company's real estate and you can also execute against its assets.

What company do you talk to about puting a judgment on there creit?

The majority of attorneys would file a claim for you in the court system. Sometimes an average person can file a judgement against a debtor.

If you file bankruptcy after being sued by a credit card company is the judgment against you removed?

Yes, if it is not a perfected lien against real property and the debt was discharged in the bankruptcy.

Can a payday loan company file a judgment against you?

In general, any lender can file suit, be granted a judgment, and have the judgment enforced. So the short answer is yes. Some also claim they can file criminal charges for a "bad check(s)." This is not true. The actions that can be taken depend on the laws of the state in which the person resides.

How do you place a lien on a company that has not paid you?

First, you must file a suit in either small claims or district court. You will need to prove your claim. When you prove it, you will obtain a judgment against that company. Afte you obtain a judgment, you can have the judgment enforced and one of the ways you can enforce a judgment is to put a lien on non-exempt real property.

Can a credit card company that filed a debt as a charge-off still file a judgment against the debtor?

Yes, the creditor or more likely a collector who buys the account can file a lawsuit against the debtor. If the plaintiff (collector) wins the suit, they will be awarded a writ of judgment. A judgment can be used to garnish wages, levy bank accounts, place liens against real property or liquidate nonexempt property owned by the debtor.

How do you file a personal lien in Ohio?

You go to court and get a judgment against the person. Then you can file a lien against their property.

How do you file a judgment against child support?

Child Support cannot be attached to pay a judgment.

What can you do if an insurance company puts a judgment in against you to take your driver's license?

They can not do so. They file judgments against you because you owe them money. Pay the money that you owe them if you want to keep the privelidge of driving. That is your responsibility as a driver.

Can you file bankruptcy if you have a large judgment against someone else?


If a person has an IRS lien against them are they considered a convicted felon?

NO. A lien is nothing more than a public record that notifies other creditors that the IRS has a security interest against the Taxpayer's assets. The IRS can file a lien without ANY judicial review. And it's a civil matter, not criminal. It is similar to having your credit card company file a judgment against you for not paying (except they at least have to go to court to get a judgment).

Can a person file a judgment against you in Panama City Panama?

If they have cause, yes.

How do you file a lien against and individual for money owed you?

You must file a lawsuit in the proper court and obtain a judgment in your favor. You can then request a judgment lien from the court.You must file a lawsuit in the proper court and obtain a judgment in your favor. You can then request a judgment lien from the court.You must file a lawsuit in the proper court and obtain a judgment in your favor. You can then request a judgment lien from the court.You must file a lawsuit in the proper court and obtain a judgment in your favor. You can then request a judgment lien from the court.

Can you file bankruptcy once a judgment is entered against you in the state of Pennsylvania?

Yes, but the judgment may not be discharged in BK without compensation.

Can a personal loan company garnish your paycheck for nonpayment?

Yes, if they file suit and are awarded a judgment the judgment can be executed as a wage garnishment.

Can a cell phone company enter a default judgment?

A default judgment is entered by the court. A cell phone company can file suit for past due payments and if the defendant does not appear in court in person or by counsel then a default judgment is entered in favor of the cell phone company. The defendant then has 30 days to appeal this judgment/

What if the defendant in a judgment changes the name of the company that is named in the civil litigation?

A name change is irrelevant. The responsible parties are still the responsible parties. If the litigation is pending (which I'm guessing it's not if there's a judgment, but just in case), change the header on the litigation to reflect the new name change. E.G. John Doe v. Inspiron Technologies d/b/a Inspirational Computers. Inspiron Technologies being the initial name of the company and Inspirational Computers being the new company name. D/B/A stands for "doing business as." If you have a judgment and the company name has changed, the company is still liable to you for the damages in question. If the company has not paid you according to a judgment, file a motion in court against them, again using the original name and d/b/a the new name. Though you'd need to ask a lawyer in your jurisdiction the exact name of the motion you would file against the company in question.

What happens if a judgment is made against you before you file chapter 13 or 7?

That really has no bearing on the bankruptcy proceeding or the judgment. By this I mean that having a judgment against you will not necessarily disqualify you from being able to file for bankruptcy. However, under no scheme of bankruptcy proceeding will a judgment be discharged so if that is the reason for filing for bankruptcy then it will not do any good. Court judgments are under the category of nondischargeable debt.

How do you contest a fraudulent judgment against you?

File a Motion To Vacate in the court where the judgment was entered against the defendant. Contact the office of the clerk of the court of jurisdiction for information on the procedures and the forms required for filing.

If you can not pay a judgment against you is it better to file a bankruptcy?

Hope you had a lawyer defending you against the judgment suit. You can use one now. Many, if not most judgments will not be discharged in BK.

What can the credit card companies do if you refuse to pay a debt in Texas?

The creditor can file suit against the debtor and if the creditor is successful and is awarded a judgment the judgment can be executed against all non exempt real and personal property belonging to the judgment debtor.