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How do you file for a divorce in Nigeria if you live in the US?

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Get a Nigerian lawyer to start the process on your behalf. YOu'll move from there

2007-12-31 13:40:53
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Q: How do you file for a divorce in Nigeria if you live in the US?
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How can get a divorce in us if the marriage was in colombia south America?

You can file for divorce in the county you live in now.

Can you get a divorce if you live in Trinidad and spouse lives US?

Yes you can but you will have to go to the U.S embassy in Trinidad and file your divorce there.

You live in the country panama and want a divorce from wife in the Us how do you file?

i want a divorce from my wife but i live in the country panama and she lives in the united states, what is the process of filing for divorce?

How do you file divorce if both are not US Citizen but married legally in US and have a children?

If you are legally in the US, you file in the state where you live. You do the same thing as a citizen of the US would do.

How do you file for divorce if you live in the US and your spouse lives in Bermuda?

Tell your spouse to come to the US, or send him the papers.

Can you file for divorce if you live in the US and your spouse lives in Mexico?

it depends on where you live because some states won't allow it.

Can your Nigerian husband who lives in nigeria divorce you and you live in the US without receiving any divorce papers what so ever from his attorney or the court?

no he can not eventually he has to get the papers sooner or later.

How to divorce in the US if married in Canada?

You will have to file your divorce papers in the embassy.

If you are us citizen but you got married in Bangladesh do you have to go back to Bangladesh to file for a divorce?

yes, according to law, you have to come to bangladesh to file for divorce , unless you live in florida, & living there for over 6months.

Do you need to file for divorce if married in Jamaica live in us never filed marriage with clerk of courts?

Did you get a marriage certificate? If you got one then yes.. welcome to the club.. you have to get divorced

Can you file for divorce in the US if married in Ghana?


Can man file for divorce living in US and spouse is in Guatemala?

my wife lives in Guatemala can i file for a divorce in the united states

Can an illegal file for a divorce while marry in the us?


How long you got to be married before you can get a divorce?

If you're in the US, there's no specified length of time. You can get one day and file for divorce the next (unless you live in a state that has a required separation period before you're allowed to file)

Where should you file for divorce he is Spanish you are a US citizen you were first married in a civil registrar ceremony in US then you had religious ceremony in Spain?

File for divorce in the jurisdiction of your current address.

Can you file for divorce from the US if you have a Ghana marriage license?

A license does not mean one got married. You can file for divorce at your current state of residence.

Can you divorce someone in the US if you were married in another country?

Yes, your divorce should be where you live at the time of your separation, or where the children reside. If you live in the US, the divorce needs to be in the US to be enforceable.

You have huge debt medium income do not want chapter 13 will divorce let us file chapter 7?

Divorce will not affect filing chapter 7. If the divorce is final, you will have to file separate chapter 7s. If the divorce is not final, or has not happened, you can file a joint chapter 7.

Is your Mexican boyfriend able to file for divorce while working in the US?

He would have to file his divorce papers in Mexico, not the US. The US does not have jurisdiction over marriages by foreign nationals (non citizens) which were entered into in another country.

Your friend got married in mex to a us citizen moved to the us legally had two kids she is a legal resident not yet a us citizen They want to divorce is a mx divorce legally needed?

Are you their lawyer? Why are you asking the question? They did not move "to the us." They moved to a state. If they live in that state long enough, they qualify to file for divorce in that state.

If you are in the military can you file for a divorce without contacting your spouse?

You cannot file for divorce in the US without contacting your spouse unless they are declared dead or they cannot be located.

If an American marries Mexican in Mexico can she file for divorce in US?


How can a US citizen who is working in Germany for the army file for divorce in GE while the spouse is in the US What can the US spouse do to fight this action if she wants the divorce in the US?

speak to a lawyer

How do two US citizens who were married in Cancun Mexico get a divorce?

They cn file for a divorce in the state where they presently reside.

If you married in Alabama and live in AZ where do file for divorce?

Generally speaking, US states require that the party filing for the divorce actually live in the state where they file. In your case, that would apparently be Arizona. If you have more than one residence, it can get complicated. However, since you're going to be seeing a lawyer anyway to do the filing, they can evaluate the specifics and inform you if you need to file elsewhere.