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One option would be to contact the state bar association for a referral to attorneys who charge minimal fees for simple legal matters. The interested party could also contact the office of the clerk of the circuit court in the city or county of residence to obtain information on the proper procedures for filing a divorce petition. Or possibly a women's help center could be of assistance if there is such an organization in the community in which the person lives.

2006-08-27 22:59:53
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If my husband is incarcerated will divorce automatically be given in the state of Texas?


Can a husband file divorce without knowledge of wife?

yes you can, although it is a most underhanded way to do things especially if there are children involved.

Can you get a divorce even though your husband won't get it and he's incarcerated?

Simply said, YES! The mear fact that he is in jail is reason enough for the judge to grant the divorce. Have papers served to him where he is at.

Want a divorce what do you need to do?

When individuals want a divorce they should always retain a good lawyer to protect their interests and if children are involved there will be child support by the husband and also who will live in the house; if there is to be spousal support, etc.

How can I file for a divorce with my husband?

There are many divorce lawyers and websites which can aid in your decision and the process involved. For more information you can visit

Can a husband marry again after a divorce even if he has two children?

Yes, he can.

Should you divorce your husband because he talks bad about you to your children?


How can you divorce your illegal husband of 9 years and with children?

You divorce and get custody over your kids or just get full custody!

i want a divorce but do not know where my husband is, havent seen him in 5 years. can i do this without him. there is no property or children involved?

You can file for a divorce without him. Have you made efforts to contact him. You want the judge to know that you have tried but he's not around. The judge can still grant the divorce. Good luck!

What rights does a wife have in a paternity situation if her husband cheats a gets another woman pregnant?

You have no rights in the paternity suit. You ARE NOT biologically involved. The only rights you have is if you want to divorce your husband for adultery and if you have any children with him, for support/alimony.

What should you do if your husband put his parents and siblings ahead of you and your children?

if your husband put his family ahead of you and your children then you should divorce him because that means that he really dont care about you or your children

Incarcerated husband property rights spouse?

The spouse of an incarcerated husband has all rights over their property. This is only if the two people are legally married.

Why didn't god let wives divorce abusive husbands according to the Torah?

There is no prohibition against divorce in the Torah. Although the husband has to initiate divorce according to Jewish law, in cases of abuse, the husband can be forced to do so. The exception regarding no prohibition against divorce is that a husband can't divorce his wife due to illness or inability to have children.

Your husband has been incarcerated for about a year and you want a divorce can you get divorced for free?

No, you must file for divorce the same as if he were not incarcerated and pay the same amount of court fees and other legal costs. There are organizations that assist people who are on limited income and need legal representation. Try contacting the local women's shelter/help association for information.

Is your ex husband required to give a copy of the health insurance cards if he carries insurance?

Are their children involved? If yes and there is a divorce decree requiring him to insure his children then yes, he has to give you updated insurance information. Hope this helps:) Evan

Can your husband take your children to live with him without your permission when you are in the process of divorce but not divorced yet?


What can you do about an ex husband brainwashing the children to believe the divorce was your fault?

tell them he gave you herpes.

What kind of parental rights will my husband have for our children once the divorce is final?

The rights your ex-husband will have once you divorce will all depend on what the judge rules. He could have joint custody or split custody.

Husband has children in a different state do you have to go to that state for divorce and visitation?

If they have been there six months.

How do you divorce your husband if he is an inmate in Ohio?

The process is the same as if the person being served were not incarcerated. The party requesting the dissolution of the marriage files suit in the state court in the county in which he or she currently resides.

What can you do if you are going through a long drawn out divorce and your wealthy husband is incarcerated for a criminal offense and refuses to carry out the temporary court orders for child support?

Hopefully you have legal counsel and you should be talking to your lawyer about this. Your husband is incarcerated and has no rights! Your lawyer should be finding out what your husband owes to others and how much of the monies or any property is left to fight over. I suggest you get another lawyer or start communicating better with your lawyer.

Your ex husband will not allow your children to contact you and you can not contact them your divorce papers states you have unlimited contact with your children?

Sue him or take him to court

When did Alice walker divorce her husband?

no she did not have a divorce

Is there a divorce policy in Egypt?

Yes, but it is much harder for a wife to divorce her husband than for a husband to divorce his wife in Egypt.

What is the wife legal right when a Husband abandons her?

A wife has the right to seek an attorney for a divorce if a husband abandons her. She will need support for herself as well as her children.