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At the INS office (Ithink they changed their name to something else, ICUS or something like that), anyway is the Immigration service, a branch of the federal government. If you are here illegally, I would not recomend it to do it. You pretty much have to do it from your home country at the US consulate or embassy. There are many different kind of visas: tourist, fiance, employment, etc.

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Q: How do you file papers for becoming a legal resident in the US?
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Can a illegal alien by legal entry become a legal resident by their child's legal status?

yes you can when the child turns 21 you can file for your papers

How can an illegal alien become a legal resident in the US?

Find a lawyer and file papers through the Naturalization Department.

How long do you need to be a resident in pa to be able to file for divorce?

A person is required to be a legal resident of Pennsylvania in order to file for divorce. To become a legal resident of Pennsylvania, a person must have lived there for at least 6 months.

Do you have to be a US citizen to file for bankruptcy?

No, you do not have to be a U.S. citizen to file for banrupcy, you just need to be a legal resident.

If you get married in south Carolina and live in Indiana where do you file for divorce?

You file for divorce in the state where you are a legal resident, regardless of where you were married.

How can you get papers in the US if you get married in the US to a permanent resident?

Yes, however you would have to wait until your spouse becomes a citizen in order to file for alien resident status.

Can a Mexican Mother with mexican child file for child support to a resident?

If the child is a legal resident of Mexico, that is where an order for child support is filed.

If you were married in Las Vegas and live in Florida can you file for divorce in Florida?

You file for divorce in the state where you are a legal resident, regardless of where you were married.

Your sister is 16 and lives with you what legal papers do you need to enroll her in school and get medicaid for her?

You would need to file for legal gaurdianship

How do you divorce your husband in Texas?

Go see a Texas divorce lawyer. * File the dissolution papers in the state circuit court in the county in which you are a resident.

What paperwork is needed for a divorce?

In order to file for a divorce, you have to be legally separated. You can file these papers on your own or hire an attorney. After a legal separation and a time period, you can then file for divorce or dissolution.

Can you get a divorce in California and you married in Texas?

You file for divorce in the state where you're a legal resident, regardless of where you got married.

How do you go about filing for divorce when married in Florida but now living in Texas?

You file for divorce in the state where you are a legal a resident, regardless of where you got married. TX requires that you have been a resident of the state for at least 6 months in order to file for divorce there.

Can a legal resident apply for citizenship for their sibling?

No, not citizenship, but a legal resident can petition a sibling for legal residency- but the sibling will have to wait in their home country many years (anywhere from 10-20 years)before being allowed legal entry in the U.S. Since you mention a legal resident, a legal resident can only petition a sibling if the sibling is SINGLE. If the sibling is married then you CANNOT file such a petition. If the sibling is single when you file the petition but subsequently gets married, you are required to inform the U.S. government- which would result in the petition being automatically VOIDED. If you know this and do not tell the government- then this would be considered fraud- putting your own legal residency and potential residency of the sibling at risk.

What is the next step when a child who lives with you serves you court papers to live with his dad?

If you have been served with "court papers" or a lawsuit, you will need to file an answer and respond to the suit. In most (all?) places, a minor cannot initiate legal actions or serve legal papers.

Do you have to have legal separation papers before you can file for divorce or just have lived separately for one year?

The answer varies by jurisdiction; however, you do not have to be legally separated to file for divorce.

What Papers to file for legal separation in ca?

It depends on which county you live in, as to where to obtain and file. For instance, for Placer County - see the below link:

Where do you file for divorce if you were married in Florida and reside in Texas?

You file for divorce in the state in which are a legal resident, even if that's not the state you were married in. In TX you have to live in the state for 6 months before you can file for divorce.

How do you get an unwanted ex-girlfriend out of your trailer?

Evict her.Additional: If she has been a long-time resident you MUST do it in a legal fashion according to the laws of your state, however. Check with your local court - you may have to file eviction papers in order to get her out.

Can you file in for divorce in Texas if you married in Florida?

You file divorce in the state in which you are a resident, regardless of where you were married. So if you are resident of TX, that's where you file for divorce.

If married in California but live in Arizona where does divorce need to be filed?

You file for divorce in the state where you are a legal resident. Some states have waiting periods (6 months or so) that you must be a resident of that state before you can file. These are to prevent people from moving temporarily to "court shop."

How you can catagorize papers of office into its files?

To categorize the papers of an office into a file you need to punch them and file them accordingly.

Where can someone file divorce papers online?

There are a few different places that one can file divorce papers online. Some of the websites where one could learn more about how to file divorce papers online and to process divorce papers online are Complete Case and e-Divorce Papers. There are also local state websites available to help file divorce papers for certain states.

Where can one obtain free legal forms for separation online?

There are a number of places online which offer free legal forms for separation. However, if a person is wanting to divorce their spouse, then it is best they file divorce papers. Divorce papers are the only legal forms which formally dissolve a marriage. Free legal separation papers may be found at the California Courts website (these are only good in California), Law Depot, Rocket Lawyer, and Legal Contracts.

Is it possible for a not legal resident to file for divorce after 16 years of marriage and kids in Texas?

I was married in TX, and tried to file for divorce after moving to NY, however I found out that you have to be a legal resident of New York state for one year prior to filing. It may depend on what state you are living in now, though. I don't know if it's the same rule for all states.